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The target is a BRANDED Five-Star Amazon FBA Retailer with a trademarked and proprietary line of Sequin Pillows & related SKUs in the ever-growing Bedding and Home Décor segments – this retailer is currently doing very well on the platform, with superb customer reviews and a sterling reputation with its buyer demographic.

This is a growing eCommerce business, realizing 35% YOY gains on a focused, impulse-buy product offered right in the sweet spot at around $16 per ticket. The company utilizes the Fulfilled by Amazon logistics model, making it not only a completely portable business, but also one that can be easily operable in the hands of almost any buyer, anywhere.

With 44 ASINS on offer and secured by Amazon’s Brand Registry 2.0, this Internet Retailer has enjoyed profitable growth on Amazon alone without having ever set foot on any niche specific, highly salient channels in this space, such as Etsy, Pinterest and Houzz – all of which stand to build the brand’s presentation and capitalize on fully marketing the entire SKU lineup for a pittance in terms of infrastructure investment.

This brand sells to the US domestic and Canadian markets and is primed & ready for global expansion into the UK, EU, APAC and other international markets thanks to its good standing on Amazon in the US, and the power of that platform’s agility around the globe. Thanks to a smart, agile and lightweight back end requiring only a single virtual assistant for CSR duties and FBA oversight, this brand punches well above its weight in a highly competitive and trend-driven segment.
Additional scale opportunities to see this business achieve its maximum potential include expanding the product lineup to ancillary cross-sells in other verticals, offering bundling options, expanding to wholesale clients, and the implementation of a truly comprehensive paid marketing campaign and social/search optimization to genuinely capitalize on brand recognition both via DTC eCommerce website storefronts and Amazon alike. This plush brand is in a great position within a trending décor segment with excellent staying power and attractive OPEX numbers – priced to sell, this is an exceptional value as a bolt-on to any retailer already established in any number of related home décor and fashion verticals.

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Asking Price
$ 429,000
Cash Flow
$ 122,506
Gross Income
$ 532,171
Year Established

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