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The target is a Proprietary Skincare Consumer Brand, operating in the high demand Health & Beauty Sector, with sales currently focused in the eCommerce Channel via the company’s branded Website. This Internet Company is focused on the most salient Skincare verticals, ranging from Facial Care, Cellulite & Stretch Mark Solutions, Age-Defying serums and more. This branded line of products offers over 25 health and beauty SKUs at a highly attractive $50 average ticket price, exclusively from a highly polished DTC eCommerce website, fed by 10 aged and ranked domains. This brand features well-established social media and AdWords marketing campaigns already in place, seeing over 10,000 visitors to its site per month, yielding exceptionally-robust year-over-year growth thanks to an innovative, proven product, and a sterling brand presentation.

Ownership has smartly crafted a low-maintenance platform in terms of customer service, with on-demand labor outsourced at the ready. Order fulfillment is handled in-house with only minimal storage space required, thanks to a small product footprint of high-turns inventory ordered monthly from exclusive US suppliers.

Having enjoyed above-average margins for the segment and stellar revenue growth for five years, this brand has yet to step set foot on the most potent online platform available for this segment – Over half of all eCommerce sales in the U.S. occur on the Amazon Platform, so beginning sales on that channel could be significant in the near term. Taking these products into the Amazon world, both domestically and internationally, as well as sales platforms like Wal Mart, Jet, Buy, Pinterest and others would provide a buyer with an immediate high-ROI growth opportunity, potentially doubling or tripling sales in short order with minimal effort invested.

This is a business perfectly positioned for scale; it is sitting on over 14,000 opted-in email subscribers, and lives within a very social-media-oriented segment – paid advertising campaigns both SEO and SMO alike stand to yield high returns for minimal investment thanks to the nature of the product and the space; regardless of the direction new ownership takes this brand, it is primed for success, with a platform ready to aid in an easy transition for almost any new owner regardless of skill level.

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Asking Price
$ 600,000
Cash Flow
$ 176,821
Gross Income
$ 299,272
Year Established

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