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This highly desirable acquisition is a BRANDED, Subscription Revenue-driven beauty, lifestyle &home goods eCommerce business boasting a robust and agile business model built around subscription boxes in the beauty and home goods space, and a customer-facing Shopify storefront offering a comprehensive and branded lineup. This company has positioned itself in an evergreen niche, climbing to the top of their segment on organic traffic alone since inception thanks to the foundation laid by ownership to date.

This business features very low working capital as inventory turns roughly once a month. Ownership invests around 5 hours a week in terms of management thanks to a single-employee, highly automated fulfillment model, featuring almost zero seasonality in fulfillment load. Seeing an above-average 50% repeat customer rate, this brand is shipping between 100 – 500 subscription boxes per month average, utilizing a stock-and-ship model. These high-demand subscription boxes (also sometimes referred to as “Loot Crates” in the business) will contain branded and FDA-approved cosmetics and beauty products in mixed assortments for maximized margins.

All of this combines to make an excellent automated retailing eCommerce platform for absolutely any entrepreneur, novice or veteran alike – checking all the boxes from branding to automation and a modernized storefront, this retailer is primed in every way with a high performance springboard for scale efforts and rapid ROI beginning on day one – this is a performer in the hands of almost any buyer willing to realize its true potential and expand offerings to include alternate sales channels such as Amazon, move to an FBA fulfillment model to fully streamline the model.

Business Listed by:
Technology & Internet Business Brokers

Asking Price
$ 99,000
Cash Flow
$ 40,000
Gross Income
$ 111,344
Year Established

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