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Bug & Insect Repellent eCommerce Brand | 42% Organic Sales | International Sales Channels | $64 AOV | Easy Business to Operate

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Website Closers® presents an eCommerce Brand that has enjoyed immense success through its highly regarded and effective flagship product, an Outdoor Fan that repels flies, bees, and wasps, keeping food hygienic and untouched by unwanted pests. The brand experienced exceptional growth in 2023 and has maintained strong profitability in 2024, indicating market demand and acceptance and outstanding customer satisfaction.

Business Broker Takeaway

Our analysis of this eCommerce Business for Sale provides a few strong key performance metrics that our team think make this business stand out:

  1. Revenue Streams: While sales have been focused on the direct-to-consumer market, the brand has attracted significant interest from retail outlets, evidenced by several substantial orders of thousands of dollars each. Management is now entertaining wholesale requests and can tap into a vast additional revenue stream.
  2. Unique Product: The product solves a common problem experienced worldwide. It is 100% chemical-free and harmless to humans and pets, utilizing cutting-edge technology to surpass alternative, less effective options. Dots refract light, which is atypical in nature, thereby deterring insects that perceive bent light as a threat. Additionally, the fan’s blades are manufactured from a soft and flexible material, and they sense larger objects, like human hands, and stop spinning upon doing so, immediately beginning again thereafter. Due to the unique design and safety components, the product has broad application for activities ranging from camping and picnics to barbeques and home use.
  3. Effective Marketing: The owner has employed a multifaceted and highly effective marketing strategy. Facebook ads are the cornerstone of the approach and accomplish a solid return on ad spend. Complementary endeavors incorporate Google and Pinterest advertising and a strong focus on email campaigns, which now account for 20% of total revenue.

Another customer acquisition tactic that has proven successful is influencer marketing, with one celebrity in particular achieving a 10x return on investment. Recognizing this success, management implemented an affiliate program comprising approximately 30 individuals on a commission basis. It has proven shrewd and cost-effective and has the potential to be scaled considerably.

Website speed is regularly optimized to boost organic traffic further, and technical SEO is emphasized. An informative blog has also been introduced on the website to enhance these endeavors, demonstrate the product’s value, and boost the brand’s credibility and authority in the niche.

These efforts attract a comprehensive audience, including men and women over 25. The typical customer is a female homemaker over 40 with a significant household income who enjoys entertaining and seeks to offer her family and guests the most pleasant experience. The affordable $57 Average Order Value makes the fan popular among all demographics in regions where flies are prevalent.

Sales peak in the US in the summer but have been balanced out by focusing marketing on the Australian and Arabic markets during other months.

Supply Chain

The fans are procured from a reliable supplier in Asia, which the owner has utilized since launching the business. The excellent working relationship has enabled the company to obtain beneficial payment and shipping terms that few others can access.

The supplier manages all order fulfillment, negating 3PL costs and the need for domestic facilities and enabling a buyer to operate the business entirely remotely. This also means that inventory levels can be kept to a minimum, bolstering cash flow and optimizing stock holding. All items are stocked in advance with short lead times and can be observed easily through a Shopify app. The owner created custom software to calculate payments expediently and enhance efficiency.


Given the highly systemized nature of operations and the owner’s decision to outsource various responsibilities to several proficient agencies, he maintains a light workload of around 7 hours weekly. His responsibilities mainly consist of:

  • Supplier Payments
  • Monitoring Social Media Ads
  • Business Expansion
  • Agency Coordination
  • Financial Compliance

Freelancers are utilized for customer support, website development as required, and general assistance on other daily tasks.


Outdoor living and activities have become a priority for homeowners and individuals, particularly since the pandemic. The US, in particular, has witnessed a swell in demand for products and designs catering to more enjoyable and comfortable experiences in these settings. Subsequently, the business is poised for enduring profitability. It presents a buyer with the opportunity to enjoy a solid return on investment.

A new owner can operate the business successfully without special skills besides basic business proficiencies. A new owner with the motivation to expand can list the products on Amazon in various countries, develop the influencer program, and enhance digital marketing efforts, among other scale avenues. These efforts, however, can easily be outsourced to agencies or skilled individuals for a modest cost in relation to revenue potential.


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WC 3365

Asking Price
$ 890,000
Cash Flow
$ 352,527
Gross Income
$ 1,938,297
Year Established

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