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CBD eCommerce Retailer – Supplements, Tinctures, Oils, Edibles, Gummies and Pet Treats


This opportunity is a Fully Branded ecommerce Retailer in the CBD Vertical. This company’s only sales channel is Online Sales via is Brande Website, and it only specializes on CBD products. This fully branded label offers THC-FREE, USA Grown, CO2 Extracted, PURE CBD (Hemp Oil) Products including Supplements, Tinctures Oils, Edibles, Gummies, and Calming Pet Treats. A well-known name and reputation that functions by word of mouth, this Internet Business is set up for success with an established 15,000+ mailing list, and an average of over 550 customer visits per day. Poised to break into the brick and mortar market, this is a golden opportunity to jump in – hands-on – to one of the hottest, fastest growing industries. The business has 73% Gross Margins and is blowing up Year over Year – a great time to get in.

This business averaged 570 customers daily over the 2019 year, processing over 100 orders a day with an average order size of $64.00. This is a solid business with a high yield. Offering 17 SKU’s currently, the business maintains about 2-4 weeks’ worth of stock at all times and owners have procedures for maintaining stock/inventory control which they are happy to share. The business presently operates from a small warehouse of under 1000 square feet.

Online sales account for 98% of business, but current owners recently began a campaign targeting brick-and-mortar retailers, which is expected to lead to an easy and nearly instant uptick in discretionary income.

This is a DIY, hands-on business with a standard 40 hour work week.  Operating with 6 full time warehouse employees, most day to day efforts involve processing the previous day’s orders, packaging and shipping orders, as well as re-ordering inventory.

New owners have immediate scale opportunities to leverage this well reputed brand name to focus on brand ambassadors, social media influencers, affiliates and paid referrals. The CBD industry also moves forward leveraging BLOG & Article content, specifically video content for the website. The CBD industry runs primarily on word of mouth, and customer referrals; grassroots referrals provide a level of trust and brand recognition.

The business has utilized a variety of marketing avenues including SEO, affiliates, social media, influencers, and marketplace advertisements, and has been pleased with their SEO efforts. Much more can be done on this front. A huge revenue generator and brand building tool exists in targeting specific keywords on all site pages and future articles with a big push towards backlinks.

Additionally, branching out to brick-and-mortar retail space will provide diversification from online-only sales. The business boasts approximately 15,000+ customers in their email database who are highly targetable for subsequent sales, promotions, and referral generation.  Don’t let the opportunity to jump into one the fastest growing industries in the market pass you by.

This CBD eCommerce Retailer Represented by:

Website Closers

Tech & Website Business Brokers

a Digital M&A Firm

Listing ID:  WC1047

Asking Price
$ 5,500,000
Cash Flow
$ 1,070,021
Gross Income
$ 1,702,916
Year Established