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The target is an eCommerce Retailer in the Commercial Restaurant Equipment industry, with product offerings ranging from smaller purchases (e.g., sinks, etc.) to core business assets, such as commercial refrigerators, conveyor ovens, display cases and more. This business makes use of a 25,000 square-foot warehouse that is utilized to facilitate a highly agile, margins-maximized stock / drop-ship hybrid model that allows for higher velocity impulse buys to move quickly and ensure satisfied, return B2B buyer traffic.

Featuring a hand-tailored Salesforce integration on the front end, this business offers a sales platform that has been painstakingly crafted specifically for aggressive growth, organically and directly, and its SKU lineup reflects this with over 20,000 SKUs on offer, the bulk of which are entirely season-less in terms of sales velocity thanks to the nature of this space. Since inception, this online company has achieved strong and consistent revenue with an $800 average ticket value through its website storefront, and has successfully established itself as a fully comprehensive source for restauranteurs, both large and small, across Canada and the US Market.

To maximize profitability, this company has also established its own white-labeled product line that uses an in-house brand, and to date, has sold over six million products under this brand, making it a genuinely recognized name in the food service industry, ensuring sustainable profitability for years to come thanks to a sterling reputation and high visibility with one of the world’s most reliable and high-volume repeat buyer demographics.

Thanks to a wisely aligned fulfillment model with robust supplier relationships and a dexterous & potent outbound sales platform, this retailer has a proven performance track record with only minimal investment to date into paid online advertising, having scaled massively mainly on word of mouth and reputation alone. Scaling instantly out of the gate with lateral product additions in cross-sell segments, a comprehensive paid advertising campaign at even the most basic level would help accelerate this company. Wholesale and Distribution opportunities are also available for the in-house brand.

This company features clean books, and current ownership is willing to train and transition new owners to the fullest extent making this an opportunity to step into a market otherwise fraught with perilously high costs of entry due to traditional model’s demands for working capital, and brand differentiation & reputation challenges as well – this is an excellent value for the leverage being offered. Additionally, qualified buyers can purchase this great company for as little as 10% down, amortized over an entire decade using Website Closers Lending Partners.

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Asking Price
$ 3,750,000
Cash Flow
$ 1,231,111
Gross Income
$ 11,007,914
Year Established