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Concierge D2C Platform | Connects Consumers with Home Service Providers | 42,000 Registered Service Providers | 37 Staff Members | 131 Metro Areas Covered

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Website Closers® presents the leading B2C platform for fast, uncomplicated, cost-effective help with moving, landscaping, and other household labor services. The company has quickly gained popularity for its quality of services and ability to schedule a provider in as little as 24 hours.

It is the most economical solution for moving—which accounts for 70% of revenue—and home services in the United States. While moving was the original focus, management has since expanded offerings, including:

    • Handyman Services
    • Commercial and Home Cleaning
    • Landscaping for Commercial and Residential Clients
    • Painting and General Labor

The business is not just a “lead generation” service but provides much more of a concierge set of services, including the complete booking of qualified contractors from start to finish.

The customer purchase process begins with a phone call or web inquiry, after which the staff determines precisely what they require. The team then obtains all relevant information and a 30% booking fee upfront. The dispatch department matches suitable workers to the job, assigns and schedules them, and follows up post-completion. Customers pay workers the remaining 70% directly when the service is rendered.

Management utilizes a custom-built, proprietary CRM system that is straightforward but highly effective for the business. It enables the team to manage the calendar, payments, and appointments efficiently and was designed to be people-centric, not tech-centric.


    1. The company is committed to helping people with their moving, landscape, or general labor needs and delivers professional and easyto-book help by experienced professionals and everyday citizens.
    2. The business differentiates itself through its massive labor pool roster of 42,000 providers, widespread geographic availability across 49 states, 131 metro areas, and 300 cities served, and its excellence in customer service, as evidenced by 3,000 customer reviews averaging 4.8 stars.
    3. Moreover, the company does not charge the providers or contractors to register for jobs. Instead, they are paid by the customer booking the service. This model creates a win/win scenario where contractors are motivated to sign up and begin working
    4. Finally, management has emphasized building long-term strategic customer relationships with a customer-centric approach, enabling an easy-to-use, one-page interface, fair prices for everyone, and “almost anywhere” service coverage.


Workload & Team

With the current infrastructure and the dual COO roles in place, the business can function with just a few hours a week from the ownership. All that is required for business maintenance is oversight of the COOs through two weekly meetings and managing payroll twice monthly.

The personnel and systems in place will allow a buyer to focus on business improvement and their chosen growth strategy.

This fully turnkey organization is composed entirely of overseas workers sourced in the Philippines, including two COOs to oversee operations. Depending on the season, the total headcount can range between 30 and 60 staff.

Marketing & Growth Potential

All customers are sourced from one of three channels: Craigslist’s ads, word-ofmouth referrals, or organic traffic via Google business profiles. Expanding advertising is low-hanging fruit to scale. Enormous opportunity exists for a buyer with digital marketing expertise across various channels.

The owner has identified numerous other avenues to boost the top and bottom lines quickly and vastly.

Continuing to expand the home services offered will fuel growth. Potential categories include Pressure Washing, Pool Cleaning, Tree Trimming, Leaf Blowing, and Snow Shoveling, among others.

B2B self-storage is another enticing avenue worth exploring. The team has received significant interest from self-storage REIT companies to become a vendor and a partner because the platform can service all their locations. Similarly, B2B Last Mile Logistics is a potentially lucrative method to scale. The owner will soon begin extending services to these companies.

International expansion would boost the prospective client base tremendously. Extending the booking system to customers in Canada or other countries is an excellent growth option.

Email marketing is a cost-effective and untapped opportunity. The company has accumulated a database of over 38,000 customers it can contact for additional engagements. Creating segmented campaigns would likely encourage repeat orders and boost the customer retention rate.

Finally, finishing the existing Android and iOS App, which is 95% complete, will make it even easier and more convenient for customers to book jobs through the platform.

The market in the US is estimated to reach enormous heights, and this company is in a prime position to gain a significant share.

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Website Closers

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WC 3259

Asking Price
$ 3,200,000
Cash Flow
$ 812,971
Gross Income
$ 1,678,942
Year Established

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