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Consumer Electronics eCommerce Brand – Revenue Mixed on a Shopify Website & Amazon – $52 AOV – Large Email Database – Strong YOY Growth


Website Closers® presents an energized eCommerce business that offers its customers a wide variety of wireless chargers and charging docks for phones, tablets, smart devices, and video game controllers. Fixated in a highly lucrative and expansive market, smart device chargers are an invaluable resource met with indisputable profitability. In less than two years, this tech business has established itself as a niche online store for wireless chargers and charging docks, and now offers 15 innovative SKUs available on both their branded Shopify website and Amazon. Utilizing two strong sales channels such as these, the brand has developed a fast-growing worldwide customer base at a time when the number of mobile devices in use across the globe exceeds 14 billion.

Due to its diversified consumer demand and demographic, the industry for smartphone accessories has become tremendously profitable as manufacturers work to effectively accommodate each aspect. As the market becomes increasingly more sophisticated, customers may inquire about a host of benefits, including whether the charging dock includes the proper cables, can keep their devices organized, has padding to prevent the devices from slipping, and won’t attract dust. These features have now become the status quo amongst manufacturers, and many are striving to keep their customers satisfied.

Daily grievances like battery-draining apps, a constant search for a Wi-Fi connection, and too much brightness on the screen mean millions of smartphones need to be plugged into a recharger virtually all day. Simultaneously, charging docks are no longer a one size fits all commodity. Today’s consumers search for a charging dock based on a variety of factors that can include its style, versatility, and level of security. This company’s products occupy each of these categories effortlessly. Sourced from manufacturers and suppliers in China, and their top-selling products have become their 4-in-1 Charger, which represents 70% of overall sales, and their 3-in-1 Charger, which generates 15% of overall sales. With an average order value of $52, sales remain brisk with multiple areas to streamline profit.]

A buyer will enjoy recurring revenues and terrific scale options for a company that doesn’t require tedious operational hours. Its current ownership spends an average of 15 hours a week maintaining this business and daily oversight includes reviewing financials and creating new marketing creatives. The owner also supervises contract workers who handle marketing, customer service, and inventory. The company also averages about 25 customer service inquiries per day, which are handled electronically.

Hosting exceptionally smooth performance using a stock method for reliable deliveries, the business carries an inventory sourcing manager who negotiates with manufacturers and suppliers, then ships samples to the owner before a new product gets launched. The brand stocks about 1,500 units for the most popular SKUs, and an average of 100 units for other products. They also use Amazon’s FBA services for optimal order fulfillment. Accrediting a portion of its success to its creative approach to marketing these products, the brand effectively uses PPC ads on Google to promote traffic to their Shopify website, which generates 70% of all sales compared to 30% of Amazon.

In an effort to promote more organic traffic, the company has charged ahead, utilizing a combination of social media accounts – where they now have a total of 2,500+ followers from Instagram and Facebook – and an efficient SEO keywords program to boost their rankings in Google searches. Leveraging their impressive email database of over 45,000 subscribers, they’ve also developed regular email marketing campaigns that have focused on new product promotions. This approach has been a solid generator of sales and has enabled the brand to score very enthusiastic reviews from their customers, including many 5 Star reviews on Amazon. In fact, the company now has an impressive 4.6 Seller rating on Amazon.

Both marketing campaigns have been equally as successful in expanding clientele and their customer base now includes highly desirable demographics of both men and women. However, women make up 67% of sales, with the largest percentage of sales coming from customers between the ages of 34-44, followed closely by 25-34. Their average customer lifetime value is now $214, considerably higher than their average order value.

Each of these provoking variables put this business in the perfect position to scale. Having already received a number of recent requests from other businesses for their SKUs, and they could expand rapidly by shifting operations from an entirely B2C approach to the wholesale market as well. So far, the brand has not done any direct B2B marketing and there is enormous potential to build upon.

Augmenting their product line by adding new SKUs whilst offering upgraded versions of original models would boost upselling to its existing customer base. While their Amazon platform now sells exclusively in the U.S., sales could be expanded to Amazon’s international sites in Canada, Europe, Mexico, and Australia, which could provide an immense surge in profits.

Jumping on the trend of brand development, the business also has the opportunity to start a blog on its website that could help drive organic traffic to its Shopify site. Monthly informational newsletters and promotional campaigns could be an integral part of its email marketing efforts.

In order to extend its reach as a brand even further to a wider audience, it could permeate other social media venues, including TikTok and YouTube, while promoting PPC ads on its Amazon platform.

This brand understands what consumers want in a charging dock station and built up a loyal customer base by meeting hefty demand. In the short span of time since its fruition, its proven success gives a buyer an amazing opportunity to take over and elevate this thriving brand to new heights of profitability.

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Website Closers

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$ 1,490,000
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$ 435,003
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$ 920,019
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