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Consumer Eye Glasses Brand | Amazon (eCommerce) & Wholesale Channels | Reading Glasses, Sunglasses & Computer/Monitor Glasses

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The target is a Consumer Eyewear Brand, selling a wide assortment of Glasses through multiple sales channels, including direct to consumer and wholesale. The company is currently focused on Reading Glasses, Sunglasses and Computer / Monitor Glasses that provide eye-strain relief and blue-light reduction due to screens, night-driving and video-gaming. This eCommerce Retailer sells primarily non-prescription specialty eye wear. They operate in Wholesale Canada, Amazon U.S., Amazon Europe, Amazon Japan, Wholesale China, Wholesale Saudi Arabia and directly through its branded website. All products have great channel placement and excellent marketing collateral and brand imaging. A prescription line of glasses has been introduced, but not yet expanded upon.

The company has excellent books and records. Qualified buyers can purchase this business for as little as 10-15% down through Website Closers private lending partners. If you are interested in learning more about what lending opportunities are available, please let us know.

Currently offering a comprehensive lineup of non-prescription reading aids with thousands of variations across the entire assortment, this is a great opportunity to get into a growth brand in the eyewear space that operates in one of the highest margin verticals eyewear has to offer. Well-established for over 4 years, the business boasts an attractive sales history demonstrating strong sales and profit growth through the years.

The company operates on a 100% stock and ship platform for its global fulfillment needs, helping to ensure quality across the board to all customers across every market – from Canada to Europe, and from the Mid-East to the US domestic market, this retailer has effectively leveraged an enviable market share against some of the stiffest competition in retail today.

Thanks to the nature of this brands modern eyewear and its use in the workplace and at home in front of digital displays, there is a strong repeat customer rate. While some customers are impulse buyers, large order totals are not uncommon, clearly spelling out growth opportunity with the addition of outside account sales to this already highly profitable business.

This savvy retail business is ready to be taken to the next level thanks to enormous scale potential offered by such a polished platform and a firmly established brand reputation literally spanning the globe – with scale opportunities knocking at the door and new product options readily available down the road to keep the brand fresh and relevant for years to come, this is a fantastic opportunity to jump into a growing retail space with highly consistent growth and robust infrastructure immediately at hand.


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Asking Price
$ 3,300,000
Cash Flow
$ 1,104,934
Gross Income
$ 3,310,428
Year Established

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