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Consumer Products Brand & Online Education Platform for Cosmetology & Aesthetician Pros


The target was built to generate Recurring Revenue Streams, and to that end it sells 65 innovative consumer products geared specifically toward licensed cosmetology and aesthetician professionals. On the products side, it offers extensions, adhesives and tools. On the services side, they offer online courses to new and veteran professionals alike. The online education piece adds an immense value to the brand’s customer experience. Established for nearly a decade, this business is a socially-driven gem of a beauty brand, boasting a 50%+ repeat customer rate and $108 average ticket value.

With over 47.8K followers on Instagram alone, 77% of this company’s sales are driven by organic social media content– no paid SEO marketing or advertising has been initiated to date, meaning the customer has spoken – and this brand’s genuinely built reputation is one of its key value propositions as an eCommerce acquisition.

Lightweight on operations and workflow requirements, this Internet Business features remote, mostly 3rd party fulfillment, meaning very little overhead is necessary to foster consistently high earnings – the eLearning component adds to this exceptional value and margin, itself a zero-weight content-based transaction that will yield incremental sales ad infinitum.

Strong vendor and manufacturer relationships have been established, making the expansion of the product line-up an immediate opportunity for new ownership – consumer-level products can be tapped right away without approaching new suppliers or diversifying customer bases … all while keeping investment low. Strongly differentiated against its competitors with a focused and well-branded presentation; in stark contrast to the competition, this business asks only part time hours of ownership to maintain profitable operation.

As to other scale initiatives, this business offers a plethora of low hanging fruit. The online education tools produce a very high value for ownership and can be expanded by adding additional courses and continuing education subscriptions for existing graduates. This business is also begging to be expanded into the single most important sales channel in the beauty space –, where over 50% of all eCommerce sales in the United States convert. A perfect fit for a future consumer-facing product line, Amazon offers logistics solutions and traffic velocity unmatchable anywhere else online. Adding Amazon’s Subscribe & Save program to the mix, and it is clear that this business is poised to succeed in the hands of nearly any new owner.


This eCommerce Retailer & Online Education Platform Represented by:

Website Closers
Technology & Internet Business Brokers

Asking Price
$ 495,000
Cash Flow
$ 159,750
Gross Income
$ 455,200
Year Established