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The target is an Internationally Multi-Branded, Best-Selling Amazon FBA retailer diversified across multiple segments – Cosmetics, Travel and Arts & Crafts products. Across three branded lines, this business is a leading provider in multiple markets (EU, AU) in each segment it sells to, boasting best seller badges in all categories it occupies. Enjoying exceptional reach into a broad range of buyer demographics around the globe, this business is realizing exceptional 15-30% conversion rates on Amazon and its DTC dot com storefront thanks to top-shelf copy editing, PPC optimization, paid advertising and a hugely salient social media presence with audiences numbering in the tens of thousands across all major social media portals.

Thanks to smartly arranged offerings in all categories, this business is able to take advantage of top tier supplier bulk discounts to feed its high-turn, almost zero overhead inventory model in which Amazon FBA fulfills all orders direct to the customer, meaning ownership invests minimal time in ensuring the business maintains steady, sustainable growth year round. These supplier relationships are well established, and feature favorable net terms which allow for cash flow to meet working capital demands of peak season, while also maintaining necessary OPEX ceilings off-season.

A first mover in each specific niche to which these brands cater, this Five-Star Ranked Amazon Brand has accrued an outstanding volume of positive reviews numbering in the many thousands, ensuring both buy box placement and a sterling customer trust factor across the board.

Having established this lean and agile profit center on a foundation of efficient, integrated and streamlined standard operating procedures, this is a business that can be easily acquired by even the most novice eCom entrepreneurs, allowing them to focus almost solely on strategic growth, rather than getting bogged down in the day to day operations of the business. This business comes complete with new products for international markets already front-loaded in the pipeline and ready to launch in 2019, and a game plan for channel expansion (eBay, WalMart, Etsy, etc) is already in place for new ownership to execute.

Thanks to such consistent growth and brand recognition via Amazon, this is a brand that is unequivocally primed for brick & mortar shelves in any number of markets, and thanks to its perfect standing with Amazon, new international markets are ready and waiting for new ownership to dive into – in the evergreen kids goods and related spaces, this is a hugely well-positioned, branded performer whose value proposition very nearly sells itself; inquire today on this listing, as it is no doubt likely to go under contract rapidly.

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Asking Price
$ 1,300,000
Cash Flow
$ 424,582
Gross Income
$ 2,275,743
Year Established