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The target is a unique Online Crowdfunding and Investment News Website, specific to Crypto Currency tokens and related services/software packages, such as security and data service offerings, as well as ICO-related platforms themselves. This business caters primarily to the nascent and potentially lucrative Crypto ICO space. An Initial Coin Offering, or ICO, is a mechanism of fundraising where startups and established firms alike have an opportunity to disclose and market their proprietary crypto coins (or “tokens”) usually in exchange for another crypto currency such as Ether or Bitcoin. ICO is very similar in principle to an IPO (Initial Public Offering), but is by its very nature unbound by the strictures of the public stock market. Even though they are a relatively new phenomenon in the industry, ICOs have managed to become a centric focus of the space in many regards.

This unique platform/portal is a direct token marketplace for FIAT and cryptocurrency crowdfunding, giving investors a technical solution to purchase Initial Coin Offerings Tokens in a faster, safer and more reliable way – by offering a single platform where all ICOs are listed in one place, as well as offering necessary information and expert analysis in ICO evaluation.

By offering services such as a White Label Crowd Solution, Premium ICO Listing Services, Smart Contract Development, Whitepaper Writing, Website Development, and Marketing, this one-of-a-kind platform is the first in its space to go fully comprehensive in terms of industry coverage – it is essentially a global, digital crowdfunding and investment nexus which, while crypto-centric, draws on conventional traffic as well, meaning it’s future is not hitched solely to the crypto wagon.

Little time is required of ownership as this automated platform is set up on a One-Click Payment integrated software solution that uses a single wallet instead of many different ones. Investors can acquire tokens not only by paying with cryptocurrencies, but also with traditional payment methods as well – this allows newcomers to the cryptocurrency concept to get their feet wet without having already mined or acquired coins before.

With an existing email database of 23,000, outbound email marketing is an obvious option for expansion in any number of ways, along with social media exposure and growth. This business is unique in the cryptocurrency space featuring little to no overhead, low hourly investment by ownership and very little seasonality – an opportunity not to be missed, most especially for anyone operating in (or wanting to get in) the crypto space in almost any capacity, at any skill level.

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