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Cryptocurrency Consumer Product Brand – eCommerce Sales Channels (Amazon & Shopify Website) – 276% YOY Revenue Growth


Website Closers® presents an eCommerce business that’s become a leader in a pioneering new field taking on major significance in the global economy. The enormous growth of bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrency has raised security and privacy issues over how best to handle decentralized digital currency.  Exempt from the usual needs such as central banking and able to be sent from user to user on the bitcoin network, the investments of today pose a cryptic maze of questions. This company has created a solution for those concerns. Seeing surging DTC and wholesale profits, their main product is a stainless steel “wallet” that stores the owner’s seed phrases backing up their hardware. It’s a device that can protect literally everything the user has invested into cryptocurrency, guarding accounts storing millions of dollars in assets. Successfully marketing to customers on their Shopify website and on Amazon has led to excellent retail sales, while wholesale B2B orders have also seen top-notch profits. The company now keeps 1.5 months’ worth of inventory on hand, and they stock 100% of all products.

Already on a steep upwards curve, projections show that cryptocurrency will only continue to rise in popularity. 60% of investors believe that virtual coins provide opportunities for long-term gain, and the ranks of those throwing in behind this pioneering new market grow stronger by the hour. Today, more than one in ten U.S. citizens have put some of their money into cryptocurrency. The demographics slightly favor men and millennials, with 16%  of men and 15% of investors between the ages of 18 and 34 holding some form of crypto in their portfolios. Surveys indicate that 91% of Gen Z are now using social media to find investment advice, driving interest in this trend as young market newcomers discover crypto through these channels.

Blazing a new trail in this uncharted territory, security measures to keep Bitcoin ‘private keys,’ or very long passwords, safe from cyber criminals and hackers are gaining strength in the market.

If the entire world of bitcoin and cryptocurrency are so new to many investors, how has this brand been able to create a unique proprietary product that has driven such high gross revenues? Their story is a good illustration of how successful a new company can be when they spot a major trend and work to provide a smart solution.

This company was launched in 2018 by founders who recognized the privacy concerns related to investing in digital currency. Bitcoin is among a growing number of technologies that use private keys to keep digital data secure.

This trend led them to produce what has become their “hero SKU” and top selling product, which serves as a backup to hardware wallets. The product provides either a 24-word recovery or a Multishard edition that breaks the 24 words into 3 parts, requiring the user to provide at least two to recover the wallet. This product is now fully trademarked.

The company has since developed several complimentary products, including a faraday bag used to store electronics that prevents radio frequencies from reaching bitcoin wallets, and a mount so the bitcoin wallet can be stored in hard-to-find places such as under a desk or inside a wall. They now market 16 parent products arranged in various bundles. They also resell regular hardware wallets, with a rising percentage of their sales consisting of Bitcoin wallets matched with these complimentary products.

Today, 61% of the company sales are conducted on their Shopify website, and 29% are on Amazon, with about 10% of sales being bulk orders. There’s a huge leap between their Average Order Values on DTC sales, which is an already sizeable $164, and their wholesale orders, where the AOV is a staggering $5,248. Seasonality has not been a factor so far, although sales could eventually correlate with how well the overall cryptocurrency market is performing.

Due to the regularity with with new virtuals coins come and, their main products are not tied directly to any one coin. This versatility allows for financial stability regardless of whether it’s a great day for Bitcoin, or time for investors to put their Doge down.

Just as many young investors discover cryptocurrency via social media sites, this brand has generated most of its online traffic organically.  Putting a solid emphasis on SEO, including detailed keyword research, allowed this brand to soar to the top of search rankings and grants them consistent organic growth.

Social media has played a key role in their success as well. The brand has an affiliate marketing program and has generated a lot of affiliate traffic through popular industry sites such as CoinGecko and BuyBitcoinWorldwide.

The brand has enjoyed enormous success with its lead magnet pages, such as their Bitcoin Transaction Fee Estimator & Calculator page, which generate thousands of sessions.

BTCSessions, Canada’s top Bitcoin YouTube channel, works with this company to include them in videos of wallet set ups and offers easy to understand, barebones Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency tutorials for beginners. The brand has an active Twitter account with 3,500+ followers.

Their digital marketing efforts are working spectacularly well, with their website receiving 117,037 visitors in the past month, and 136,479 sessions. PPC ads on Amazon power aggressive revenue increases and an email database with 11,700+ subscribers could be used for promotions and upsells.

Scale options are plentiful for this brand. In terms of marketing, the brand could expand its PPC ad strategy to include Google, as well as investing in  ads on Facebook and Instagram. Social media reach will be greatly improved by latching on to the brand’s target demographic via influencer marketing.  A second major option would be to launch the brand’s first email marketing campaign,

Additionally, there are opportunities to establish bundling with other hardware wallets and create partnerships with major players in the Crypto Field.

As the field of cryptocurrency continues to expand, there’s no question this brand will as well, having created a product in high demand among those who use this digital currency. For a buyer, this is a proven product with a great track record, and in a field showing promising expansion. This is the perfect opportunity for an investor ready to take a “byte” out of the growing crypto market.

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