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The target is a unique, 12-year seasoned, high growth eCommerce Retailer in the Womens Customized Fashion Jewelry space, featuring various jewelry offerings that highlight astronomical phenomena on various dates, whether its a customers birthday, the birthday of children, an anniversary, etc. The Jewelry offered by the business includes Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings, Rings and more.
The product is a great Gift Idea – gift giving holidays (especially Christmas) are always a big time of the year for this Internet Company, which is a proven success with consumers. It continues to grow its fan base of over 135,000 Facebook and 86,000 Instagram Followers every month.

The company focuses its sales efforts on its own branded website (75% of sales) where traffic is largely generated through organic means and social media. 25% of the companys sales also come from its wholesale channel via 500+ retailers, boutiques, museums, fashion clothing stores and jewelry stores located around the nation. The company has won awards for its unique product offerings and is achieving strong scale without touching other online platforms. The business is achieving a 20% return customer rate on its ecommerce channel and a 96% reorder rate with its wholesale channel.

Ownership has curated this company for 7 long years and has created a very powerful brand following that is ripe for scale. Immediate growth opportunities include:

– Building additional Influencer partnerships through social media
– Develop segmented email campaigns
– Distribute to or develop pop up retail shops
– Expand Paid Media (Facebook, Google, Pinterest, IG stories)
– Lower costs by 30% by working with other factories

This Companys success is directly tied to the efforts of ownership to build a turn-key operation now consisting of 15 seasoned employees. With multiple built-in redundancies, and SOPs for all procedures, ownership is focused on growth and new product development, and not day to day operational activities. This upfront investment in human capital has laid the groundwork for almost any operator to step in and hit the ground running with this platform eCommerce business. This robust and efficient business model is easy to operate with no special skills or technical background necessary.

The products are lightweight and compact in size, keeping storage and shipping costs to a minimum. With an average selling price of $72.00, the low cost, high margin product line keeps this business virtually free of the usual risks associated with inventory management – PLUS – the creative design element and customization of the product line helps build barriers to entry and lower competitive factors. The consistent demand for the products makes it easy to predict and manage inventory ordering, so that there is rarely any unwanted surplus inventory.

Whether for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Valentines or Mothers Day, the tradition of buying gifts has increasingly become a practice that is done online. This brand offers online shoppers a simplified gift shopping experience of unparalleled convenience. The search-friendly product catalog makes it easy to find the perfect gift for that person who is hard to shop for, with products sorted by recipient, personal interests, hobbies, and gift occasions.

Now is the time to step into this high growth company and help take it to the next level. We believe that up to $10M can be secured through an SBA + Junior Debt opportunity, which would limit the down payment for this opportunity to $1-1.5M. Inquire within if interested.

This Jewelry Brand Represented by:

Website Closers
Tech & Website Business Brokers
Reviews Available

Asking Price
$ 13,500,000
Cash Flow
$ 2,739,333
Gross Income
$ 8,927,466
Year Established