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Custom Gaming PCs & Build Kits Brand – In-House Assembly – 400,000 Monthly Website Visitors – Massive Social Following


Website Closers® presents an eCommerce business that has developed a massive customer base for people looking for new, powerful gaming computers. This popular brand provides both fully assembled, top of the line Custom & Gaming PCs as well as PC Build Kits at highly competitive prices. The company buys computer components via suppliers across the world and assembles everything in their warehouse here in the United States. This company has developed a strong reputation among its customers for building affordable custom and gaming PC’s and there is a tremendous amount of low hanging growth-fruit.

PC gaming has become enormously popular due to its vibrant and engaged community. PC gamers have discovered they can always find someone to play games with or to help them deal with a technical problem; the PC can also offer most games while consoles platforms like XBOX and PS4 only offer experiences from specific game makers. This company fits right into this interconnected community by assembling, branding, and selling computers optimized to play the most complicated video games offered. These affordable set ups offer considerably improved graphics compared to what the customer could get from a console such as Xbox or PlayStation.

Gaming computers have come to be considered the absolute highest quality gaming experience while offering highly affordable digital game files as opposed to more expensive console discs. People buy gaming PCs for top rated performance and lasting cost efficacy.

This company has spent the past four years marketing to this fast-growing audience, bringing PC gaming to people looking for that quality performance without the technical knowledge to construct their own. With 33 SKUs at a high average order value of $1,200, the company has found an audience highly receptive to their products.

That has been expertly demonstrated in several ways, especially through recent growth trends. The company currently sells entirely on its own website and does not list on other eCommerce sites such as Amazon. Traffic to the website is phenomenally high, with 400,000+ monthly visitors during peak times.

That traffic comes entirely from organic marketing. The company has thrived with active social media campaigns, and now carries a whopping 48,000+ followers on Instagram alone. In this highly competitive field, this brand has made it clear that they understand their audience and know exactly how to speak to them.

The company has an expert team in place to handle daily operations, giving a new buyer the opportunity to enjoy their recurring revenues while strategizing on the best ways to scale – and there are certainly plenty of creative ways to do that.

Providing customers with a highly sought after, personalized gaming platform, this brand’s approach is simple: they order the components, assemble them into a high-functioning PC, adds the company’s brand label on it, and ships them directly to customers. Everything is handled in house, from assembly and packaging to marketing, and customer service.

As sales continued to grow, the company began expanding its product line. Offering a myriad of different models at varying price points, this company effectively markets their products with highly detailed operational labels to help them find that perfect fit. They do currently have a few new models ready to launch, putting the lucky new owner in the perfect position for rapid scale.

This company also stands out by marketing Build Kits, a totally unique product in this industry, which includes all the parts and accessories needed to build a PC and detailed instructions on how to perform assembly. This product now brings the company strong revenue with limited marketing involved.

Impactfully leveraging social media to help introduce buyers to their products and website, this brand’s marketing is geared toward putting as much information as possible in front of buyers so that they can feel confident and informed about ordering a gaming PC. This includes presenting them with highly enthusiastic customer reviews and allowing them to test their gameplay on the specific computer they’re interested in at strategic points in the buying process.

Most of the company’s marketing is done on Instagram and Facebook, where they use videos to gain attention and introduce people to their brand. Their infomercials, created at an extremely low cost, have proven to be amazingly effective in boosting initial site visits that generate interest in their products. The company creates videos of influencers on YouTube reviewing their products and praising this brand for the quality of their work. Sales from these channels have been strong on modest advertising investment.

Sales remain steady year-round, with a sharp uptick in profits during the holiday season around November and December, but also in the spring around tax return season from March to May. During their peak season, they average 400,000+ monthly visitors, but even during the slowest months, their social media campaigns are still driving an impressive 200,000+ visitors to the site.

The company ships products from their own 10,000 square foot warehouse in the Midwest, where they handle 50 to 80 shipments a day. This is a busy operation, one where the owner spends 40 hours per week running it, focused on multiple tasks that include future planning, launching new products, marketing, and overseeing team meetings. They have a large team of 27 employees, including an operations manager, build manager, quality assurance coordinator, customer service lead, content creator, and 12 PC assemblers and builders. This is an experienced team available to stay onboard to keep operations running smoothly and efficiently as the business continues to grow.

There’s no question this company is ideally positioned to scale rapidly. Two effective ways would be through digital marketing. The company could begin leveraging PPC ads on Google to drive traffic to the site, which they have not done yet. The company also has a massive email database of 10,000+ subscribers but has not just launched any email marketing campaigns. This would be an ideal way to upsell new products to existing customers.

They do have new products, in fact, that have been designed and are ready to launch, including a new Steaming PC for gaming live on camera for people to watch, and PC upgrade packs for customers who have already purchased from them.

The company has developed a new service that creates a virtual ecosystem where prospective customers can engage with existing customers to build confidence in their gaming systems. This live chat platform is ready to be launched.

Finally, the company is creating a new website that focuses on workstations, designed for professionals who utilize their computers for photo and video editing, music producing, and stock trading.

These creative decisions give this company a phenomenal opportunity to scale rapidly in the next few years as they continue to roll out innovative products not available from any other company. Their innovation gives a new buyer a terrific opportunity to watch this company springboard into a much larger niche leader in the lucrative field of gaming PCs.

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