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Designer eCommerce Brand | Women’s Fashion Accessories | 20% YOY Revenue Growth | 200,000+ Email Subs | 190,000+ Monthly Website Visitors


Website Closers® presents a unique online company operating in the fashion vertical. The eCommerce brand specializes in a proprietary clutch wallet that serves as a versatile accessory designed for style and practicality in both daily life and travel. While initially popular among women over 45, its appeal has extended to a diverse audience, including younger generations. This compact bag bridges generational gaps in a digital era emphasizing convenience and style.

The Market

The niche is tremendously stable and has demonstrated consistency throughout time. Many other categories suffered drastic, polarizing changes during the pandemic, but casual wear and fashion remained consistent without sharp declines. As we return to normality, this product showcases its adaptability and potential to enhance diverse lifestyles. The evergreen flagship wallet is just as appealing to seasoned trendsetters as it is to those new to fashion, attracting a broad audience to experience its timeless charm and utility.

Sourcing & Logistics

The owner designed the product with high-quality materials and a specific geometry that can accommodate smartphones of any size. It has been iterated and improved for optimal quality and to meet consumer demand.

A 100% stock inventory model is utilized, and between 15,000 and 20,000 units are maintained at the supplier’s facility in Asia, from where they are shipped directly to customers. These units are included in the sale price of the business. The seller has negotiated an exclusive production line and favorable and flexible payment terms with the supplier. Only a 10% deposit is required, with the remainder due upon product completion.

An agency handles everything from contacting suppliers, packing and dispatching products, managing stock, and developing new products. They go so far as to arrange photoshoots and product shots for the brand. Additionally, the manufacturer is capable of producing between 3,000 and 5,000 wallets daily and ships them to the brand’s 3PL within 24 hours, facilitating expedient delivery to customers. Aside from this efficiency, the decision to keep stock abroad was astutely based on the swift growth of the business. It will enable the company to scale dramatically worldwide—and plans are afoot to sell in all Western countries, targeting an audience of 160 million females over 50.


Traffic is driven via Facebook and Pinterest ads, organic social media posts and interaction, and email marketing to a database of over 200,000 subscribers. A fully automated email flow exists for visitors who sign up for the newsletter or abandon their cart, optimizing conversion rates. The team has found success through broad targeting on Facebook to reach a ‘cold audience’ evidenced by the abundance of new customers. Those who don’t purchase initially are retargeted using Facebook and Google ads and email and SMS marketing.

To date, the strategy has been focused on reaching individuals over 50, which equates to an audience of 50 million on Facebook. Going forward, an emphasis will be placed on Google, TikTok, and YouTube to reach a younger demographic. By marketing to women from 30 years old, an additional 100 million+ prospects can be reached in the US alone.

Other recent endeavors to complement these efforts include a redesigned website and photo and video shoots to attract this younger audience. The team will invest more time refining SEO and continue posting on social media daily. The owner prioritizes engaging the brand’s audience with SOPs that include replying to all comments within 10 minutes.

Customer Base & Workload

The primary customer base is centered in the US and Australia, typically comprising women over 45 who appreciate the blend of style and practicality offered by the wallet. This demographic has shown a strong inclination towards online shopping, particularly following the pandemic, making them the target audience for this versatile accessory.

No seasonal fluctuation in sales is experienced since the product is used throughout the year.

The owner’s workload is, at most, ten hours weekly. Primary tasks include ensuring day-to-day operations are moving smoothly, checking on the P&L, handling finances, and keeping employees motivated. All other tasks are outsourced, aside from Facebook advertising, which will be soon.

The Future

This brand has virtually unlimited potential. Management is currently working on two new products and improving the current offering. By promoting these new products primarily to previous customers via the extensive email database, revenue is expected to soar with marginal costs.

Notably, the products have just been listed on Amazon, and orders are already streaming in without advertising on the marketplace. The owner is filing for a patent to create a brand within Amazon, after which ads will be run, and sales are expected to surge.

The next step will be opening to markets outside the US and Australia, adding millions of prospective customers globally.

As the team incorporates these initiatives and positions the brand as the only provider of compact solutions for daily activities at affordable prices, the company is poised for exponential growth. A buyer requires few special skills to enjoy continued success and a healthy ROI.

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Asking Price
$ 850,000
Cash Flow
$ 417,223
Gross Income
$ 4,371,025
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