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Diabetes Management Health & Wellness eCommerce Retailer – 85% YOY Growth – 23% Repeat Order Rate – SBA Approved


Website Closers® presents an eCommerce medical supply retailer that boasts impressive Amazon growth, reliable revenue, and strong customer retention. Offering 120 SKUs within the Diabetes Management Vertical, this offering has achieved an impressive 85% YOY growth rate, and with their current projections, they anticipate a 20% increase over the next 3 years. With strong Amazon and eBay lifetime seller review ratings, this target is well-respected in a highly niche market within the Health & Wellness Vertical. The company sells a wide variety of Diabetes related products, from Glucose Test Strips to Lancets, to Medical Prep Pads to Blood Glucose Monitors. Anything and everything you might need to treat and manage Diabetes can be found within this company’s product array. The top selling products are all Rated 4.5-5 Stars with thousands and thousands of reviews in place.

The company operates with a 23% Recurring Customer Rate and an Average Order Value of $38. This business utilizes a hybrid shipping system where all orders are sourced, fulfilled, and packaged in the United States. The company sees more than 300 daily orders, the majority of which are shipped through Amazon FBA or SFP. The remaining orders are then sent directly to the consumer from a small company-owned warehouse, which is managed by two employees who oversee all shipping and inventory maintenance.

In terms of time investment, current ownership dedicates less than 20 hours a week to handling customer service concerns, maintaining the business, and managing warehouse employees. In an effort to reduce expenses, a new owner could eliminate the company’s in-house storage and shipping costs by switching all delivery and inventory management to a fully FBA platform. This shift could be easily executed and would immediately increase profits for any potential purchaser.

Due to the establishment of quality partnerships with their suppliers, the owner has secured favorable and reliable volume pricing along with streamlined supply chains, resulting in high profit margins for the company. In turn, their competitive pricing and dependable delivery services have delivered a plethora of happy, loyal customers and overwhelmingly positive reviews to prove it. The long-standing supplier relationships have resulted in attractive bulk pricing that can be further developed as a new owner looks to scale the business.

More than 1.25 million people suffer from diabetes in the United States and this company offers invaluable health products reliably, to become an indispensable tool to their tremendous and growing market. With a solid foundation and consistent revenue, this acquisition is poised for expansion, both domestically and abroad.

By leveraging the expansive international network that Amazon can provide, a prospective purchaser could drive boundless global sales. Moreover, creating and implementing a targeted marketing strategy could also bolster revenue streams.

This company has demonstrated sustainable success with a demographic that will continuously require their products. Pairing positive supplier relationships with a dedicated customer base and unparalleled profit projections, this acquisition is primed for growth under new ownership, making it a lucrative opportunity for any prospective buyer.

This eCommerce Medical Supply Company Represented by:
Tech & Internet Business Brokers
Listing ID:  WC2251
Asking Price
$ 2,549,000
Cash Flow
$ 749,414
Gross Income
$ 5,173,940
Year Established