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Diamond Award Winning Nutritional Supplements eCommerce Brand – 73% YOY Growth


This eCommerce retailer is a fully established wellness brand that provides supplements, superfoods, and more to health-conscious customers across the United States. Selling only under their own brand, this lucrative offering provides organic, vegan friendly Nutritional Supplements for the rapidly growing wellness market. Leveraging the highest quality ingredients, eco-friendly packaging, and animal product free offerings, this impressive company has centered their every decision on the health of their clients as well as the environment. With a stable track record of 73% year over year growth in addition to their 100% positive Amazon Seller Rating, this incomparable company is perfectly poised to scale effectively and rapidly.

The company’s supplements are manufactured in a USA based, GMP Certified, Diamond Awarded and Eco-Friendly manufacturing facility routinely inspected by the Federal Drug Administration and registered with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.

This offering has major avenues to success through channel extension, subscription services, bundling packages, increased advertising spend, social media use, and countless other strategies. As the wellness movement is very prevalent across social media, this brand would significantly benefit from Facebook and Instagram optimization. With so much to offer and unimaginable potential, this company will make an incredible acquisition for any type of entrepreneur.

Some of the most promising opportunities for additional success in this exceedingly profitable market include Social Media and Paid Media Utilization, Affiliate Marketing, International Expansion, Extended Selling Platforms, Additional SKU lines, and SEO. The most effective platforms for this company will include Facebook and Instagram as many health and wellness choices fall into a popular and spreading social movement. Additionally, the cultural refocusing into health and its ramification in daily life is a global shift and so this company is well designed to scale globally in the right hands. As an eCommerce seller and their own brand there are many opportunities that are open to this company such as new product launches, supplier and wholesale services, and extensions into existing brick-and-mortar storefronts.

Carrying more than 130 SKUs, this impressive offering leverages a 97% Amazon FBA system. This keeps all inventory owned yet allows for an experienced team to handle all shipping and packing concerns at a reduced rate and more efficient speed. All products are made in the USA and purchased from a distribution center based in Colorado. From there, the inventory is shipped to Austin, Texas and on to FBA warehouses.

Current ownership dedicates varying hours per week to maintain and grow this lucrative company. During strategic growth phases, their responsibilities can take up to 8 hours while normal maintenance mode tends to demand a maximum 2 hours per day. Most of their responsibilities center on maintaining sales by staying updated on inventory and responding to customer service concerns as well as making expansion decisions and creating those initiatives from the ground up. When ordering stock, developing new business relationships and creating new advertising collateral, the current ownership leverages unparalleled outreach strategies.

In addition to the owner, this business works with 4 subcontractors. Their one, full-time subcontractor is a Seller Central Manager based out of Pakistan while the others include an EBC and Image Creator also based out of Pakistan, a Social Media Manager (family member) based in California, and a Customer Care Representative (family member) who lives in Florida.  Both family members can be easily replaced with VA’s and the seller will assist in this process.

While the company has already grown tremendously, and continues to show strong scaling trends, it utilizes only PPC and a minor presence on both Facebook and Instagram. This leaves immense opportunities to scale rapidly through more effective social media use, paid media use, retargeting campaigns, SEO, extended purchasing platforms and SKU line additions. Some more incredibly useful strategies include partnering with other wellness brands such as gyms, nutritionists, and even yoga institutions to both stock and promote these branded products.

This offering is a strategically built company that is perfectly positioned for continued success and growth. With 130 SKUs, an ever-growing client base, 73% YOY growth, and a multitude of expansion opportunities; this promising investment drives an increasing revenue as well as a well-established brand for quality within the health and wellness vertical. Well poised for lasting success, this company will be an amazingly profitable acquisition for any capable buyer.

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Listing ID:  WC2117

Asking Price
$ 1,600,000
Cash Flow
$ 366,191
Gross Income
$ 1,706,366
Year Established