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Digital Marketing Agency for the Health & Beauty Niche | Works with eCommerce Brands | Strong Online Reviews | 27% YOY Growth | Highly Skilled Team in Place | QoE Completed

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Website Closers® presents a Digital Marketing Agency whose core audience is made up of eCommerce Operators that offer goods in the Health & Beauty Sector. The agency’s offerings are highly sticky, with over 800 recurring clients monthly. They have a well-respected client base of over 16,000 clients, particularly internet businesses eager to learn and execute digital marketing strategy at the very highest levels, especially in an ever-changing search algorithm environment.

This company is achieving a 34% YOY Growth Rate, which is phenomenal for any business, but particularly staggering for a Digital Marketing Firm whose revenue will eclipse $20M in short order.

The founder has gone the extra step in preparing for this exit by having a 3rd party CPA perform a Quality of Earnings (QoE) report on the company’s financials. A QoE is a diligence device used by many buyers during Financial Due Diligence. The report will show the quality of a company’s earnings through the eyes of a third-party CPA, providing a detailed analysis of this agency’s financial statements, including its income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement.

Huge Customer Database

Digital marketing is becoming a highly lucrative and extremely important aspect of not only every eCommerce Operator across the globe, but also every other company that needs to get its message, products and services in front of its audience, all while ensuring that it’s not wasting money on the wrong marketing to the wrong audience.

The agency creates marketing opportunities for its customers that are hard to find in an industry that is often replete with bad actors and agencies that are understaffed to properly handle each client. This agency has built a foundation on solid customer service and has a treasure trove of testimonials to show just how good their systems are. They actually work. Their customers remain one of their strongest selling points since the agency now has so many success stories and glowing testimonials that encourage newcomers to sign up with them.

While the company has successfully attracted clients based on its track record in digital marketing, the agency generates its own revenue in multiple ways. The brand maintains a strong track record of coordinating with product vendors so their clients promote these products, which enables them to get second-tier commissions as digital marketers. This is a rapidly growing field; one this agency was smart to specialize in. It’s estimated that 81% of global brands now have digital marketing programs, and by 2023, 16% of global eCommerce sales came from digital marketing.

Advertisers like it because they now generate up to 30% of their sales using digital marketing, and 38% of marketers are listing this kind of digital marketing as their largest marketing channel.  With the sharp rise of entrepreneurs launching online businesses, advanced digital marketing has become more popular than ever, and globally, the digital market industry is valued at $12 billion, with $4.5 billion of that in the U.S. alone.

The Agency

As the agency has grown, it has been able to expand the benefits that clients can take advantage of. That includes creating the landing pages for their websites, providing templates and images for ads, creating videos for clients, and providing them through a paid traffic system.

A private coaching group provides clients with continued guidance and assistance, as well as long-term support and educational help to ensure their digital marketing efforts are a success. As experts in the field of digital marketing, the company can address any questions or concerns their clients have about handling their marketing campaigns.

After the training sessions have been completed, the company continues working with them to develop a highly effective marketing campaign, following the steps the agency trained them on. That includes how to create and launch ads on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, tracking offers and finding new ones in the digital marketplace that are converting.

Marketing and Revenue

A buyer who acquires this business has great scale opportunities since the company has not been focused on attracting advertisers. Their main focus has been on working directly with product vendors to ensure they get promoted by clients. Clients can also built their platform by recommending services such as ad optimization.

The agency does generate ad revenue on its own through Facebook Ads showcasing how successful its clients have bee., These are now 20% of total sales and remain a high growth opportunity.  They run similar customer testimonials on YouTube, which generates an additional 20% of sales. Supplementary revenue is generated through add-ons to their training course which include access to the agency’s proprietary software.

Some excellent scale options remain available to a new buyer. With their focus primarily on the U.S. market, a global expansion would enable the agency to take its proven tactics and training methods to a significantly larger audience, enabling them to generate sky-high new revenue.

The Staff

The agency maintains an experienced and talented staff that includes Operations and Project managers, a Tech Team that builds web pages and manages troubleshooting, a Sales Team, Media Buyers for Facebook and YouTube, a Copywriter, and a Manager of the Support Team that oversees support tickets. The team is available to stay on and manage daily operations, and since the business has been fully built out, the buyer does not need to make significant changes to it. It is truly a turnkey operation ready for a new owner.

In addition, the current ownership is available to stay on to ensure there is a smooth transition and help guide the new owner through how the business is run and through scale opportunities. The current ownership could remain on to guarantee the transition is a successful one and retain equity in partnership with a strategic buyer.

This Agency is Represented by:

Website Closers

Technology Business Brokers

WC 3275

Asking Price
$ 25,000,000
Cash Flow
$ 6,769,266
Gross Income
$ 16,230,419
Year Established

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