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SBA Pre-Approved Digital Marketing Agency – Full Stack Provider with a Strong Team in Place – $2,500 Average Contract Size – Retainer Based Clients

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Website Closers® presents a full-service digital marketing agency that works with eCommerce businesses, SaaS products, mobile apps, B2B organizations, personal brands, and more. The dynamic team comprises deep-sea data divers, creative design minds, and an all-around group of professionals who work with clients across the whole marketing stack to help them grow substantially. The company’s bread and butter is building scalable, repeatable, direct-response online marketing systems for acquisition and retention.


Most of the agency’s customers start as Amazon clients since the agency is well known by word of mouth within the Amazon FBA community. Management prefers to contract clients with services on the marketplace to demonstrate a clear ROI before introducing them to other offerings.

It is not uncommon, for example, for a client to engage the firm for Amazon Advertising services before layering on Paid Search, Paid Social Media, Email Marketing, and more services downstream until the agency has become a key cog in the business’s marketing function. This is mutually beneficial and builds trust and credibility simultaneously.

The owners have been disciplined since inception and played the long game. They have mostly avoided pay-for-performance models at the expense of short-term profits, instead aiming for long-term retention. This is pertinent because clients vary in size, and the approach enables them to retain clients by keeping fees manageable, especially as their businesses grow.

The team has put substantial effort into operational efficiency by optimizing the cost structure as much as the revenue structure. Doing so allows them to offer affordable flat rates per workstream to clients of all ranges, from newly launched startups to publicly traded companies, while delivering consistently excellent work in all contexts.

The organization leans into software and automation, using built-in-house and third-party off-the-shelf solutions to deliver more consistent work faster and with minimal client meetings.


Eight core services are available, of which a customer will usually begin with 1 or 2. Management advocates for customers to start small and only increase workstreams if they’re happy with the initial results. Unsurprisingly, they typically are and then add on services such as:

  1. Amazon Account Management
  2. Amazon Advertising Management
  3. Paid Search (Google, Bing) Advertising Management
  4. Paid Social (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Reddit, LinkedIn) Management
  5. Conversational Marketing (Email, SMS) Management
  6. Onsite and Webstore (Shopify, Webflow, HubSpot) Development and Management
  7. Creative Strategy, Design, Development, Branding, and Copywriting
  8. Analytical Consulting

Custom combinations of these are offered based on context. For example, professional services or B2B SaaS clients can opt for a “Lead Gen” bundle that combines elements of paid search, paid social, and onsite development workstreams, which is costed as a two-workstream retainer.

Additionally, white-labeled services are offered to other agencies, primarily in the realm of paid media management and design such as email, landing pages, and ads. The agency currently has five white-labeled partners.

Pricing ranges from $1,900 monthly for one workstream to $6,400 for 4 to $7,500 for unlimited.

The agency also retains 1.5% of Amazon DSP ad spend.

Contracts are billed monthly in advance of services being provided.

Customer Base

There are several customer archetypes:

  • eCommerce Upstart Entrepreneurs: Either a solopreneur or small team trying to bootstrap and efficiently grow a good product idea into a healthy business. The founders have always continued to offer support to these types of customers that they once were.
  • Agencies: Companies that provide similar services but not as effectively. They are offered an inexpensive option relative to in-house hiring for white label services.
  • Category Leaders: Established businesses or well-capitalized startups looking to scale aggressively and swiftly.

The business is in an excellent position where the team at every level is empowered and capable of executing highly complicated workflows to perfection with minimal oversight.

Subsequently, a buyer with a general knowledge of paid media management is ideally suited to acquire the company and focus on scaling it considerably. During the knowledge transfer process, the existing owners will walk them through the intricacies of their contrarian marketing strategies and approaches, along with explanations and live examples of why they work so well.

This Ad Agency is Represented by:

Technology Business Brokers

WC 3233

Asking Price
$ 2,100,000
Cash Flow
$ 550,513
Gross Income
$ 3,726,149
Year Established

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