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The opportunity is a 10-Year established Recurring Revenue service provider offering comprehensive online solutions – from Website Development to Marketing, SEO, and more, this digital marketer is a full-service solutions provider for online clients ranging from the individual to the enterprise alike. Offering bleeding edge tech solutions in every offering on an automated and subscription-based platform, this is a 90% recurring revenue profit center with zero seasonality and high client retention for this segment. The average ticket here is $359 per client, with average setup costs for a web dev project at around $5,000 – all of this is neatly packaged within a highly polished and user-friendly portal that allows full access to all products at all times, ensuring agile performance.

This highly automated, low-overhead platform is a highly turn-key opportunity that can be operated anywhere in the world and would be a great book of business to bolt on to absolutely any digital marketing, web dev or digital ad agency – asking little of ownership in terms of time invested, and no prior knowledge in online marketing required, this digital business is a natural fit for both novices in the space and juggernauts alike.

Established on organic growth alone, this business has seen consistent revenue thanks to referrals and word of mouth. With 100% word of mouth advertising, this platform has utilized no social media marketing or paid advertising to promote itself to date, leaving the door open in hugely obvious ways for new ownership.

Scale opportunities for this highly organic business are numerous – comprehensive exposure in terms of paid marketing, SEM/SMO campaigns product expansion in adding monthly plans and creating a premium lineup of top tier services, international client expansion opportunities, and hiring additional creators and designers. This established platform is a home run business for acquisition by almost anyone of any skill level in the online advertising space, offering an open door into a segment with high barriers to entry and a well-oiled machine already in motion.

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Website Closers
Technology & Website Business Brokers
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Asking Price
$ 99,000
Cash Flow
$ 42,000
Gross Income
$ 66,875
Year Established

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