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Disc Golf eCommerce Business – Website & Amazon Sales Channels – 101% YOY Profit Growth – 29% Repeat Order Rate – 65,000 Monthly Website Sessions


Website Closers® presents an eCommerce company that has become one of the nation’s leading providers of popular and high-demand Disc Golf products. They were among the first to offer these Disc Golf products on Amazon (also known as Frisbee Golf, or FROLF), resulting in the establishment of strong ranking and positioning on the search algorithm.

Sales of the discs took over so quickly that the company opened a Shopify website that attracted more than 25+ manufacturers of these discs, and they quickly grew to a hefty 1,500+ SKUs on the site, which now represents 53% of their sales.

The company also expanded its Amazon shop by cultivating lucrative partnerships with other manufacturers, who are giving them the exclusive right to sell their products on Amazon.

As Disc Golf products have become more popular in recent years, the company has enjoyed 62% year-over-year growth and an astonishing 101% YoY SDE growth. On its Amazon platform, the business now sells a wide variety of products in addition to the Disc Golf SKUs, and the company has been able to market exclusive products that have become top sellers on the platform.

Today this company is recognized as one of the only disc golf retailers utilizing Amazon, giving them a strong competitive edge in this field. In 2023, thanks to an SEO program that got plenty of attention from customers searching in this vertical, the company experienced explosive sales growth. Their Shopify site puts a strong emphasis on enhancing the user experience and providing first-rate customer service. Their monthly sales are now increasing, with the company making 1,900+ shipments each month.

The company has built up an enthusiastic and increasingly loyal customer base on both sites. Customers are responding enthusiastically, giving the company a 4.9 Seller Rating on Amazon, and a rising 29% Repeat Purchase Rate. Sales are driven by the company’s digital marketing plan which includes email and SMS text campaigns to subscribers, PPC ads on Amazon, and social media posts that build brand awareness. Their SEO program delivers high organic traffic to their website, with 65,000+ unique monthly visitors, a significant contribution to their overall growth. This is also a company with some enviable scale opportunities, so a buyer has a terrific opportunity to chart significant growth after acquiring it.

The Disc Golf Market

First launched in 2020 as an Amazon Store devoted to Disc Golf Deals, the company began connecting with consumers at just the right time. Previously known as frisbee golf, this is a popular sport where players throw a disc at a target. The industry has become enormously profitable, valued at $219 million in 2022 and projected to reach a whopping $525.6 million by 2028, an impressive 15.67% growth rate. The industry enjoyed a major surge in popularity during and after the pandemic lockdowns, when people stuck at home began looking online for fun new outdoor activities to play. That gave this company the ability to tap into a booming market.

With more than 25+ brand name companies providing up to 1,500 SKUs on the Shopify site, the company has put much of its focus on creating the best buyer experience possible through competitive pricing, fast shipping, strong commitment to customer service, and incentives for repeat buys. Their Average Order Value here is $66.

The business has grown 15x in revenue in its first two years and is now recognized as one of the Top 5 golf retailers in the U.S. and one that has done exceptionally well at building customer loyalty.

The store is not reliant on a single product to drive sales, and at least six of their disc golf SKUs have driven 80% of the $1.5 million in revenue earned over the past 12 months.

Amazon Store

Their Disc Golf SKUs are also available on Amazon, along with so much more. The company has developed long-standing relationships with manufacturers that create a host of unique products, including rosin bags, hot pots, and many others. Virtually all of their 143 SKUs are shipped directly from the manufacturer to Fulfillment By Amazon, with a few products that the company packs from its warehouse. This company is the only store allowed to sell these products on Amazon and has processed nearly 50,000 orders. Their Average Order Value on Amazon is $26, and sales peak over the holidays.

The company also has two active brands on its Amazon platform that they own and are used for all products related to disc golf, as well as for fishing and outdoor-related products.

This eCommerce shop is one of the only disc golf retailers selling on Amazon. The company started by buying discs from other retailers at a discounted price and then selling them on Amazon, which led to the launching of their own Shopify site as they enjoyed rapid growth in a short amount of time.

While these products are not manufactured directly for the company, the owners work with designers who create products based on their unique designs so the brand can offer something that competitors don’t have.


Their Amazon account requires a minimal amount of work since Amazon handles most tasks, with the owners now focused on maintaining supplier relationships, monitoring stock levels, and delegating tasks to employees. The Shopify account requires about 25 hours per week to operate, and the company has two Virtual Assistants who manage daily tasks. That includes handling customer support, order processing, and stocking new inventory.

The company is in the process of getting all products shipped through FBA, and several of the orders on the Shopify site are Dropshipped, enabling them to handle 90 orders per day.  To keep up with orders, the company stocks up to $80,000 in inventory at FBA at all times, while they stock 24,000+ individual discs at their warehouse, along with bags and accessories that bring the total count to 25,000. This has enabled the company to offer a wide variety of discs with different colors, swirls, stamps, plastics, and every variation possible.


PPC ads on Amazon have been effective at expanding their customer base, along with social media ads, while the company also drives organic traffic and repeat buys through email and SMS text messaging campaigns, and by fully optimizing their website for SEO keywords that bring people to their website.

With nearly 30,000 subscribers in their email database, the company has been able to continuously boost its customer engagement, and its Returning Customer Rate shot up by 53% in the past year as the company promoted its loyalty program and increasingly focused on multi-platform advertising to bring people back.

In the past 12 months, the company has enjoyed an average of 65,000+ sessions per month, bringing their yearly total to 780,000+ unique visits.

The buyer of this business gets the advantage of a very profitable company that has a rapidly growing base for their discs, along with an increasingly strong presence on Amazon for a host of additional products. That gives the owner the luxury of enjoying high recurring revenues while focusing on scaling this operation.

The current owner is available to stay on for six to 12 months post-acquisition to assist the new owner in operating the business and making this a smooth and efficient transfer of ownership.

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