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Doctor Developed Liposomal Supplements eCommerce Brand – 49 Percent Repeat Customer Rate – Superior Brand Presence on Amazon


Website Closers® presents a Doctor owned and developed Liposomal Supplements Brand that specializes in the rapidly emerging, impactful natural dietary supplements market segment. Established for over 6 years and growing nicely, this brand stands out among the crowd and has proven its “sticky” nature with consumers to earn a whopping 49% Repeat Order Rate. The Doctor that built this great company from the ground up learned from pragmatic experience on the front lines of medicine via an IV Nutritional Therapy Clinic where it was found that patients respond dramatically to IV Infusions, but also found that maintaining Oral Therapy in between IV treatments was a must have in order to maintain and properly supplement the effect of the nutrients injected via IV.

The Liposomal delivery system used by this product assortment provides a high absorption conduit to deliver the same nutrients as one receives via IV. And thus, this brand was created to provide a supreme and complimentary liposomal nutraceutical with nutrients matching the ingredients most commonly found in IV infusions, such as Vitamin C and Glutathione, both in capsule and Liquid form.

This health and wellness brand carries a nice selection of high demand Liposomal SKUs. This is a sub-niche of supplements that have a higher absorption due to the technology used – enveloping the main ingredient in the center of a microscopic sphere, termed “liposome”. This allows for direct uptake by cells and bypassing typical slow and limited vitamin transporters. In addition to the powerful SKUs already at market, 12 more are already in the launch pipeline.

A high-ranking Amazon Seller, this company has earned Amazon Choice Badges for its relevant keywords and stands at the top of the food chain on Amazon for liposomal supplements – a defensive moat that would take newcomers years to achieve, if they were able to bridge the vast gap at all. If a competitor did finally reach the greatness this business has already accrued, by then, this brand would be even stronger with a wider breadth of sales channels, SKUs, and even more Repeat Buyers.

Building on the powerful offerings that this brand currently carries, an incoming buyer could use the power of the brand to craft an effective marketing strategy through social media brand development, lifestyle angled content marketing, performance marketing, influencer advertising, PPC campaign extensions, and SEO enhancements. Raising both the awareness and search ranking of this company will increase sales. With a strong recurring revenue rate, along with a reliable supply chain, this business should flourish sustainably for the foreseeable future.

The company utilizes a streamlined supply chain to ensure prompt order fulfillment. Sourcing their cutting-edge products from natural, non-GMO nutrients found in Scotland, Europe, Japan, and China, this company has dependable vendors that create high quality offerings. Few Supplements companies go the distance like this one does to ensure the proper ingredients are used in every bottle – there’s a reason why roughly half of all their customers are repeat buyers.

Furthering this business’ reach, an incoming owner can build strong industry connections with health hubs, lifestyle bloggers, gyms, nutritionists, and more to drive widespread product adoption. Combining this initiative with wholesale, subscription, and bundling opportunities while also building market share, reach, product lines, and more, a buyer could dramatically scale their investment by utilizing swift and sustainable business growth strategies.

Requiring up to 30 hours of work weekly, ownership currently takes responsibility for inventory management, invoicing, consultant management, and Amazon PPC tracking. The addition of an administrative VA could minimize this list of tasks and streamline the company’s operations moving forward. Working with freelance consultants such as blog writers and social media managers, as well as a part time customer service representative, this lucrative company carries no full time employees to deliver incredible profit margins in an unimaginably lucrative industry. There is no reason that this low overhead approach cannot be continued under new management.

A fully established, well known Physician built brand, this business has a strong business model generating almost half of its revenues on a recurring basis, which lowers the risk profile of this company dramatically. In addition to their already phenomenally designed revenue streams, this company can be effectively and dynamically scaled through a multitude of impactful strategies that could be rapidly implemented by a business minded buyer. Whether looking to make this offering your own or simply maintain its current growth to deliver unrivaled revenue levels, this acquisition is an amazingly rare investment for a buyer of any level.

This Nutritional Supplements Brand Represented by:

Website Closers

Technology, Internet & CPG Business Broker

Listing ID:  WC2218

Asking Price
$ 7,600,000
Cash Flow
$ 1,584,631
Gross Income
$ 7,690,628
Year Established