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For sale is a Drone and Remote Control (RC) Unmanned Aerial Vehicle eCommerce retailer. Acquiring this Internet Business will give a buyer the opportunity to own and scale an emergent niche market with 100% dropship platform delivery of in-demand brand names and unique, high-margin items that are growing in demand – specifically remote control aircraft of all shapes and sizes, drones especially.

With discussing the possibility of delivering their Prime sales via Drone, and with the FCC creating new rules around this popular hobby craft, now is a great time to get in on the ground floor of a company that has already created a supplier base, proven sales and net income. Catering to the increasingly trendy and growing remote control aircraft/drone market, this website offers a veritable cornucopia of items ranging from children’s RC drones and toys, all the way to fully-fleshed out and truly capable autonomous and programmable drone aircraft systems and accessories.

Featuring a 100% drop-ship model with zero overhead, there is no need for in-house employees, and since it has proven, profitable growth since inception (solely on organic traffic alone) – all with sales flowing solely through the company’s dot com storefront – this business is an absolute standout opportunity in an otherwise competitive market in which differentiation is key. To that end, this eCommerce retailer prides itself on superior customer service, rapid shipping times thanks to its agile model, and a fresh and adaptive lineup of branded and trendy products to suit the shifting buying habits of the demographic.

We believe this company is a great pickup for any eCommerce retailer that is ready to scale it into other sales channels, like and

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Asking Price
$ 75,000
Cash Flow
$ 24,000
Gross Income
$ 53,000
Year Established

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