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DTC eCommerce Brand – Custom Basketball Hoop Artwork – $450 AOV – Strong Social Following – 25,000+ Monthly Unique Visitors


Website Closers® presents an eCommerce Brand that offers Custom Designed Art Décor. This company’s products are very popular with art-forward influencers, sports fans and those looking for out-of-the-ordinary artwork to decorate their spaces.

The company sells unique products that can’t be found anywhere else, that attract rave reviews from a strikingly diverse customer base, and they have a reputation for excellent customer service. Above all else, they are artists with something unique to offer. This is a business that sells custom artwork with a twist: their products are made from basketball hoops, surfboards and elaborate frames made from scratch.

Typically priced between $300-500, these items have been a big hit with basketball fans who find that their artwork reinforces and displays their love for the sport. Athletes and celebrities are among their buyers. With their fast-growing position in the sports memorabilia, artwork and home décor niche verticals, this company has a strong future.

With ~100 products and 300 SKUs being produced and fulfilled by a trusted and reliable partner, the company’s partnership enables them to get high-quality products shipped quickly to customers without the need to invest in, or house, inventory. With everything sold under their brand name, they are quickly developing a reputation for excellent custom artwork.

The company is in the enviable position of driving sales in several niche categories that are enormously profitable. The sports memorability industry has a global value of $370 billion, with more than 200 million people being devoted collectors.The global art market was valued at $65.1 billion in 2021, and both of these verticals are experiencing sharply increasing sales from eCommerce sites.

Likewise, the global home décor market was valued at $616 billion and is projected to reach $838 billion by 2027, a 4% growth rate. Combining these very different verticals into one operation has proven to be a profitable windfall for the company, so it’s well worth reviewing how this company came into existence, and then successfully found the market for very specialized items.

Launched in 2020, this eCommerce site began as a seller of wall art décor that offered something quitedifferent from other art stores. Their products include framed basketball hoops, framed canvases, and décor surfboards. These products are built from scratch, available in various sizes, and come in a multitude of colors and other options.

With an Average Order Value of $450, their sales remain brisk throughout the year, while becoming a popular gift item over the holidays and for birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions.

Touch of Modern, which offers unique items to its large and influential base of customers, chose this company’s products for their unique designs and particular appeal to the ToM audience. They continue to promote this company’s products on a regular basis.

Increasing profits have enabled the brand to continue expanding its list of SKUs, now numbering 300, having expanded to sell basketballs, shirts and other accessories.

It’s been easy for the company to add new products in each of the three categories, adding new designs for framed canvases and surfboards, and new colors for the framed hoops.

Expanding their SKUs is a particularly smooth process thanks to the partner they have worked with for the past two years, who produces everything they sell, including baroque wooden frames, basketball rims and designs for the canvases. The partner also handles shipping and adds promotional materials to packages.This business relationship will transfer smoothly to the company’s new owner.

How do you market to such a diverse audience? Creatively, as this business has.

The company has successfully used PPC ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram with a solid return on ad spend (ROAS).

An email drip campaign is utilized for those who do not make a purchase. The company leverages discount codes to entice buyers., The codes are also used on popular shopping days such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas.

The company has the tools necessary to turn these digital marketing campaigns into instruments that drive traffic higher. They have a massive 30,000+ followers on Instagram and an additional 1,500 on Facebook. There are 4,000+ subscribers in their email database, which is also effectively used for promotions and when they launch new products.

Their SEO keywords are putting the company at the top of Google search engines because their products are so unique, quirky and distinctive, with limited direct competition.

Their organic traffic is boosted through their social media accounts, which the brand posts on regularly, while also doing video marketing on YouTube. They have been successful at driving sales by posting stories about their products with customer reviews, and since they have some highly enthusiastic reviews, this is helping to drive their traffic, giving them 25,000 unique monthly visitors.

This is a turnkey operation, with the current owner spending just 2 hours a day working on the business, monitoring ad performance, checking emails, communicating with his partner and managing bulk orders.

The company has one employee, a Facebook ad buyer who works on a contract basis.

Operations are smooth and efficient. The company’s partner ships around 10 packages a day, and can scale up or down as needed.

The website is built on WooCommerce, where it is easy to check orders and respond to customer inquiries. The company has saved $5,000 per year after switching from Shopify to WooCommerce, where fees are much lower. The owner will provide 2 weeks of training to help the buyer fully understand how the business operates, and will be happy to provide any additional support that may be needed for up to 6 months. The current owner is also eager to help the buyer build a strong relationship with their partner and ad buyer moving forward.

This company has accomplished quite a bit in just over two years. They have a large and loyal customer base and an excellent vendor partnership allowing them to scale the business without adding inventory, wage and overhead costs. The business can scale by marketing on Amazon, eBay, Walmart and Etsy, and the ability to connect their marketing to popular sports or art events, conventions and tournaments.

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Asking Price
$ 690,000
Cash Flow
$ 233,931
Gross Income
$ 636,861
Year Established