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DTC eCommerce Brand in the Custom Pet Portraits Vertical – Large Social Media Following – Strong Team of Artists – 25% Repeat Order Rate


Website Closers® presents a flourishing Pet Brand that offers Customized Pet Portraits Direct-to-Consumer via its Branded Website. Current ownership utilizes a Print-on-Demand (POD) Model, using 3rd party suppliers to print and ship all products on behalf of the company. With POD, the company is able to refrain from investing in inventory, and therefore has no need for a warehouse or warehouse workers (or any of the OPEX necessary to run a warehouse and keep inventory fully stocked). This keeps the company’s profit and cash flow high and working capital low, freeing up cash to either grow the brand or distribute … instead of putting it back into inventory, which is a common attribute of most eCommerce Brands.

The industry has experienced an unprecedented boom in recent years, particularly since the pandemic puppy boom, with spending reaching a staggering $123 billion in 2021 alone. Even more astonishing is the projection that this figure will soar to over $350 billion in less than four years. This meteoric rise is fueled by the fact that 70% of households in the US own a pet, and 86% of these pet owners have embraced online shopping for their beloved companions, driving 30% of overall sales in the category through eCommerce.

One key factor behind the industry’s success is the customers’ unwavering loyalty. These passionate individuals are not just willing but eager to splurge on their pets, considering them as cherished family members. Upon launching, this business quickly and successfully tapped into the market, and a tremendously prosperous brand was born.

That success, however, has been no matter of luck. The brand boasts a compelling set of value propositions that set it apart from others in the market

Management prides itself on delivering top-quality designs crafted by skilled artists using professional design software. By avoiding the use of apps, filters, or AI automation, they ensure that each portrait is a unique and personalized masterpiece, capturing the essence and personality of every pet.

Additionally, customer service is a priority. The team is committed to responding to inquiries within one day or less, demonstrating a dedication to prompt and efficient customer support. This is evident by a noquestions-asked satisfaction guarantee whereby the company is willing to replace any order until the customer is delighted while maintaining a profitable business model

Another distinguishing factor is the variety of frame options, including premium choices that rivals do not offer. This touch adds an important glimmer of elegance and personalization to each purchase.

Furthermore, glowing product reviews from satisfied customers further instill confidence in potential buyers, boosting conversion rates and helping establish the brand as an authority. Given the company’s success with its audience, the company is beginning the process of working with other well-known Pet Companies, including BarkBox, Ollie and the Best Friends Animal Society. They also have a highly engaged following on Instagram, where they have a powerful audience of over 285,000 Followers. People love to post about their pets. Additionally, the business has 120,000 SMS subscribers, and an email database of 735,000. The website is ranked first in high-volume search terms, outperforming top competitors and marketplace giants like Etsy.

They are also collecting celebrity endorsements from the likes of Martha Stewart and Kate Beckinsale. This boosts the brand’s equity and gives buyers the confidence that the product they are ordering is supported by titans of their industries.

The company has various defensive moats in place. These include brand equity, SEO rankings, endorsements from influencers and celebrities, proprietary software, and strategic partnerships with national pet brands and philanthropic partners.

Sales are driven by the US market, accounting for around 90%, complemented by Canada, the UK, Australia, and many European countries.

All products are printed, framed, and shipped from production facilities in the US. The owner has negotiated favorable terms with the primary vendor on a two-year exclusivity contract, which grants the brand competitive pricing and a dedicated account team.

The ordering process has been streamlined for an optimal user experience and refined operations at scale, improving conversion rates, product quality, and delivery times. Proprietary software is used to manage the unique production process, including asset management, artist production, and an API connection with the vendor to send files directly to them for printing and shipping.

A multifaceted digital marketing strategy is run with a common theme of gift-giving across all channels.

Sales are primarily driven by paid ads on Meta and Google and daily organic social media posts across Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook, which a highly proficient social media manager executes. Their responsibilities include creating custom, original content and producing a content calendar. The business focuses heavily on video content for Instagram Reels, with many receiving over one million views. The success of this strategy has led to consistent organic growth, outpacing top competitors.

The combined efforts attracted 3.6 million visitors to the brand’s highly optimized Shopify-built website last year, which is updated constantly for key sales and promotions throughout the year, such as the yearend holiday, Mother’s Day, and Valentine’s Day.

The typical customer is a female between 25 and 45 who owns a pet or is a pet lover purchasing a gift for a loved one.

The owner focuses chiefly on product innovation, production efficiencies, and marketing, assisted by one full-time operations manager.

Several contractors work in marketing, production, customer service, design, social media management, and media buying. Astutely, the owner has outsourced ad creative production, SEO, PR, and web development to industry-leading agencies, reducing the workload while maximizing profits. As a result, the company achieves a blended return on ad spend of around 4x.

The owner is open to finding a strategic partner, and is open to rolling equity for the right buyer. Ownership is equally committed to ensuring a seamless transition enabling a buyer to continue thriving in this lucrative market.

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Asking Price
$ 14,000,000
Cash Flow
$ 2,692,812
Gross Income
$ 17,000,052
Year Established