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Dual-Branded eCommerce Business in the Women’s Gemstone & Men’s Luxury Jewelry Verticals – 20% Repeat Order Rate – 4 Websites – Strong YOY Sales Growth


Website Closers® presents a dual-branded eCommerce company that runs two successful eCommerce businesses on two separate websites. Under its Women’s Gemstone brand, this company is broadcasting beauty and healing through immaculate, authentic stones. Under its Men’s Jewelry brand, this company provides luxury, affordable jewelry for the male demographic. This savvy company has produced earnings that reflect a growth business with unlimited growth potential through the provision of additional product offerings in the current and adjacent verticals of both brands.

This company produced impressive financial results for 2021 and has a nice growth strategy implemented for 2022. The gemstone brand brought in 65% of Sales, while the Men’s Jewelry brand brought in the balance, amassing over $5M in consolidated revenue for the year. Net Income between both brands exceed $850,000. Their success is connected to the quality and popularity of their products. The gemstone brand carries a product line of more than 180 SKUs, while the jewelry brand carries 45 SKUs, including sets of bracelets that their increasingly loyal customers love to buy.

The gemstone brand displays authenticity and beauty throughout its collections and products. Handcrafted by women who benefit from the profits of the brand, each earring, bracelet, necklace, and apple watch wrap possesses quality and unique abilities to brighten the day of the wearer.

Gemstones are global sensations that are highly popular and believed to capture the right energy for the wearer while blocking out negative energy. The founders desired to empower women ages 30 to 65 with their gorgeous products and have successfully achieved that goal.

This brand receives 4,091 visitors per day on average, and enjoys a customer return rate of 20%, which is rising.

The jewelry brand offers stainless steel, high-end bracelets, and rings at affordable prices. The company’s founders felt they were not seeing affordable, stylish jewelry on the market that reflects the wearer’s true self. With their pricing, this brand has been able to achieve healthy numbers. In 2021, the brand acquired $1.75 million in revenue as an incredible 4,619 visitors per day came to their site, and they received average orders of $45.

This brand features 26 bracelet collections such as the royal sets and the artistically unique lava set. The variety of sets allows men to choose quality accessories for just about any fit. These brands operate from two separate websites, one created in English and the other in Dutch, as both founders are from Amsterdam. Each website is easy to navigate, cleanly designed, and shows large, bold professional-grade photos that display their products. Both websites are operated on the Shopify platform, which makes day-to-day operations easy to. Both brands operate on a dropship model, although every product is white labeled with their brand’s logo on the packaging. This means there’s no overhead for inventory since the supplier is responsible for fulfilling every order.

The owners do not stock inventory and have no warehouse or store to manage. This is a highly automated and turnkey operations. Besides the owners, there are three part-time virtual assistants who handle customer support. Their marketing efforts have helped drive sales. Effective email marketing has been a key factor to the company’s success. Currently, the email list for the gemstone brand is separated into 4 different categories: Abandoned Cart Flow, Welcome Flow, Upsell Flow, and Winback Flow.

For the men’s jewelry brand, all but the Winback flow category applies. Each category is subject to automated emails the company sends out periodically. Weekly campaigns are strategized and executed. On average, the email campaigns represented 40% pf the monthly total revenues for the .com (English) domains, as email marketing represented 10% of the same for the .de (Dutch) domains. The company has efficiently used Facebook for their marketing.  They run cold targeting campaigns and retargeting campaigns around the clock. They have produced different campaigns for the US, UK, Australia, Canada, and some smaller countries in Europe. Each one of these digital marketing campaigns has helped to enlarge their customer base, attract glowing reviews and boosted sales in a short period of time.

Today, their recurring revenues speak for themselves, and their products sell vibrantly throughout the entire year, with no seasonality factors. This company is a real gem. It has been on a remarkable tract of enviable financial success and should not be overlooked by ambitious buyers. For the asking price, the new buyer essentially gets two prosperous eCommerce businesses, wide open doors into the very lucrative jewelry and gemstones industries, and quality lines of products that the market wants.

They also get low overhead to operate with and can expect large ROIs from smart advertising. Worldwide growth is at their fingertips this year. Call Website Closers® today and find out how to buy this wonderful offering!

This Company is Represented by:

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WC 2592

Asking Price
$ 1,400,000
Cash Flow
$ 635,638
Gross Income
$ 4,570,061
Year Established