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Launched within the last year, this digital marketing firm specializes in building custom web applications and designs. The company has extensive experience in building websites in HTML and PHP as well as developing and executing on Search Engine Optimization plans. With an average ticket price of $500-$3,000, monthly average earnings of $7,000 and no overhead with all work outsourced, this is a great opportunity to take a well-founded firm and grow it exponentially.

The growth potential for this site is truly unlimited if placed in the right hands. The acquiring entity can be operated by an entrepreneur with marketing expertise, or a web design and internet aficionado, or, by a person who is already working a full time job and looking for a side business to grow – that one day can earn enough to compensate the owner more than a regular, full time job. This venture has been built and revenue generated solely via email marketing campaigns, so there is a lot of opportunity via a well thought out marketing plan, including the institution of PPC ads. All one has to do is manage and respond to the leads that desire its proven services and farm out the leads to the outsourced resources.

The business prides itself on an excellent reputation and customer reviews.
Average traffic: 500-750 unique visitors per month and growing. Overhead has been limited extensively to outsourcing costs (very low) and all that is left are domain renewal and hosting hosting expenses (roughly $15/month).

The business has been built on a lean start-up business model and can either continue to be operated in this fashion, or can be built through smart investment.

Asking Price
$ 125,000
Cash Flow
$ 77,604
Gross Income
$ 172,320
Year Established

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