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eCommerce Agency with 140 Employees – Sets Up & Provides End-to-End Management of eCommerce Storefronts – 750+ Active Clients – $35,000 Average Initial Startup Cost + Ongoing Monthly Recurring Revenue


Website Closers® presents an exciting and unique Agency that operates in the eCommerce space, helping budding entrepreneurs set up online storefronts on Amazon, Walmart, and Facebook. They then provide end-to-end ongoing management of the storefront, resulting in growing Monthly Recurring Revenue. Their Average Order Value reflects the initial set up fees for these storefronts and now sits at $35,000. This company has attracted a large number of clients looking to become Internet Entrepreneurs and they currently have 750+ active clients under management. Many of their clients make this investment so that they can make passive income with minimal to no effort.

At a time when shoppers are spending more than $4 trillion online, this brand is operating at high profits in three of the fast-growing and increasingly profitable industries: eCommerce, automated businesses, and passive income streams through online stores. Their customers sign up and then stay on long-term, and this agency has appealing upsell services that include package deals. With a skilled and talented team of 140+ members in place to manage the sales platform for each new client, it’s no surprise this company is growing its customer base at a fast pace, bringing on 30-50 new customers each month.

Considering how many people have been rushing to launch an online store in the past few years, on the assumption that they can win over Amazon’s phenomenally large customer base, this company helps their clients cut through stiff competition, establish a firm base of recurring revenue, and still pursue other work or leisure activities. As this company has demonstrated, customers are ready to commit to their consulting services in return for passive income. They also realize that this agency can likely perform far better than they could running the store.

So how did this company establish itself as the ideal vehicle for entrepreneurs looking for success in eCommerce? It’s a unique story of recognizing the opportunities that the ever-evolving world of eCommerce is presenting and doing the heavy lifting for those eager to get in on the action. This is quickly emerging as a major new trend.

They do much more than create online stores. This company was launched nearly 3 years ago to help people set up an online store on the profitable Amazon, Walmart and Facebook platforms, but their success owes much to the fact that they go well beyond that. Their consulting services average $25,000 and includes the long-term management of their customers’ storefronts to give them the sales they’re looking for. Clients sign up for yearly contracts with auto monthly renewals, and this company’s revenues are often increased through upsells that include setting up VIP stores and offering package deals such as buying 2 online stores and getting 10% off the cost or buying 3 stores and getting one free. These upsells have increased the lifetime value of their customers up to $50,000 on average.

In addition, as part of managing their clients’ accounts, they maintain a warehouse to fulfill orders and contract with four other warehouses across the country to get orders shipped rapidly, giving their clients a reputation for quality products and excellent customer service. This company now processes between 1,500 and 2,000 shipments daily.

Clients are getting a savings because the company will drop ship from their suppliers to their warehouse and then ship the products to the buyers. That allows their clients to avoid having to buy inventory upfront, a big savings for them.

Customers want to be a part of this financial stream. These services are increasingly in demand among a customer base includes a wide age range (25-55 years old), and the company experiences low seasonality as more and more people want in on the eCommerce world, regardless of the time of year. The idea of starting something from scratch on your own is onerous and risky … but working with a group like this agency helps ensure that you both get off the ground and have a team behind you to grow the business from there (unless you choose to be passive and just let the agency run things and collect your profits). Clients are charged $300 per month or 35% of their profits, whichever is greater.

A key growth factor for the agency moving forward will be expanding their marketing efforts to attract new customers. To accomplish that, the company has run ads on sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram, videos on YouTube and TikTok, and invested in monthly radio advertising. Combined, these tactics achieve a 3-4X Return On Ad Spend.

Affiliates represent an additional 5% of their sales, while word of mouth referrals are now an impressive 10%. Organic traffic to their website has been expanded through their SEO program, which includes a blog on the site and reposting of articles that have been written profiling the company. These effective digital marketing tactics could be increased, which would guarantee an increase in sales. The company has the infrastructure in place to handle a sharp increase in clientele.

Their skilled team manages daily operations. The company has 12 employees in the U.S. and 130 overseas. The US based team includes an eCommerce director, onboarding specialist, director of client services, vice president of sales, IT director, warehouse specialist, and customer support manager. Their staff in the U.S. oversees the 130 overseas employees, who handle the day-to-day operations of the clients’ online stores. The company also uses subcontractors for admin work.

As part of their ongoing growth, the company is considering the development of their own app that clients can download to give them a live daily update of their store stores and other relevant data, another excellent scale option with major upsell potential. Another key scale option would be to hire a chief marketing officer to oversee future marketing campaigns and a chief executive officer to develop a long-term vision for scaling.

eCommerce remains an attractive, often irresistible option for people who want to be their own boss but don’t want to open a brick-and-mortar store. Since platforms such as Amazon and Facebook intentionally make it easy for anyone to start an online store, the rush to get in on the millions shopping on those sites keeps increasingly. As this company has demonstrated, sky-high numbers of people doing their shopping online means the world of eCommerce is going to continue evolving, creating new services for either shoppers or entrepreneurs. Their approach of managing the online stores for their clients and providing them with passive income has become a quick and highly profitable operation. Enhancing their marketing efforts alone gives them tremendous growth potential.

Contact Website Closers today so our brokers can outline how this platform for success-hungry entrepreneurs is a terrific look at where the future of online sales is headed.

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$ 33,000,000
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$ 6,702,855
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$ 24,275,819
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