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eCommerce Apparel Brand in the Outdoor Hunting & Fishing Verticals – Branded Website Sales – 10% Donated to Charity – In-House Team of Designers


Website Closers® presents an eCommerce Company of Branded Apparel that focuses on the profitable outdoor verticals of Hunting & Fishing. A solid foundation – and growing fast – the brand has gained popularity for its humorous apparel designs, and its thriving communities on several social media platforms. With all designs created in house by their design team, the nearly 500 unique SKUs they have created to date are only just the beginning. With an in-house team of designers in place, the sky’s the limit on the number of SKUs that can be manufactured in the future.

Their official website has more than 141,000 monthly visitors, as well as a 11.92% return visitor rate …  so it’s safe to say that their practice of providing high quality, unique products has paid off, and now they are amassing a solid customer base.

This company is SBA pre-qualified. What this means for a buyer is that we have already submitted the company’s financials, metrics and necessary data to several lending partners, and those partners agree that this business meets the requirements necessary for the SBA mandate. This also means that a qualified buyer has the luxury of acquiring this business with as little as 10% down with the balance amortized for up to an entire decade.

This company has seen exponential growth in the last few years. It boasts an astonishing YOY growth rate of 84%, a 65% gross margin, and due to the demographic that it targets, enjoys a spike in profits around the start of the hunting and fishing seasons. The company’s products are diverse enough in style that they can appeal to a wide audience. Given that a hunter or fisherman will likely have friends and family that share the hobby, the products are ideal as a purchase for someone wanting a new top for themselves, or as gifts during the holidays. The brand has an Average Order Value of $64, and many of the 5-star reviews on the website mention purchasing the products for their loved ones, reflecting their value as presents for special occasions.

The brand currently sells t-shirts, hoodies, stickers, and tumblers, and plans to add a line of long-sleeved shirts to its storefront later this year. This will allow the company to appeal to even more consumers with their products and increase their profits by a wide margin. Additionally, while the company already has an expansive number of SKUs, they add about 10 new products every week, discontinuing and updating older designs on a regular basis. This keeps the products that the company offers fresh and encourages customers to purchase any designs they might have their eye on before they’re gone for good. The new owner could strengthen the brand by expanding the SKUs to other outdoor products, such as hunting jackets and vests, tents, and other valuable supplies for trekking out into the wilderness.

A large factor in the brand’s popularity aligns with their presence on social media platforms. Their advertising is divided evenly between Google and Facebook Ads, allowing them to better reach their target customers. However, their biggest advantage has been their engagement with their consumer following. The company posts several times a day on social media, putting out branded memes on TikTok and Facebook, and posting discounts, giveaways, and other news and deals to their Facebook VIP group. As a result, they have amassed many followers on these platforms. On Instagram and Facebook, they have over 49,800 and 48,000 followers respectively, and their Facebook VIP group has nearly 10,000 members as well.

Additionally, the business’ email database is mind-bogglingly large, consisting of more than 143,000 contacts. This following means that a buyer would have a wide audience for publicizing new product lines, announcements, and upsells. A buyer could also send the customer base to new heights by improving upon current advertising, partnering with influencers, polishing up the SEO on the product lines, and increasing marketing during peak seasons.

Another selling point for the brand’s publicity is its contributions to charity. The company markets itself as donating 10% of the profits from every purchase to the Wounded Warrior Project and supporting wildlife federations. They also do a monthly charity partnership, during which their brand manager will attend charity events to hand out products and help support a good cause. These efforts not only help make the world a better place, but they also publicize the brand further even further.

A future owner will be pleased to find that the business is highly automated. They currently employ a social media and brand manager, as well as a customer service manager. They also have dedicated teams for customer service, design, ad buyers, and social media, with team members encouraged to be self-motivated and manage their responsibilities within customer guidelines. While the current owner works roughly 25 to 30 hours per week, the new owner can minimize this by hiring on more experienced staff once they take over.

If you’ve been hunting for a company with massive scale opportunity, then look no further. This acquisition is part of a market that is expected to see substantial growth in the upcoming years, and, with a dedicated customer base and well-known name, it’s in the perfect position to skyrocket in size. If you’d like to know about this great deal, contact Website Closers today to learn more.

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Asking Price
$ 3,900,000
Cash Flow
$ 798,824
Gross Income
$ 4,242,737
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