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eCommerce Brand focused on European Inspired Lighting Decor – $410 AOV – Strong Social Media Following – 55,000 Monthly Visitors – 87% YOY Growth


Website Closers® presents an eCommerce Brand that is focused on European Inspired Lighting Décor, lifting interior architecture with modern, mid-modern and minimal light designs. A review of their offers shows a broad swath of subcategories served by this company, including wall lights, ceiling lights, pendants, table & floor lamps, as well as other highly customizable lighting solutions – all with a European flair.

A highly evergreen industry, interior lighting and design enjoy strong sales growth today as the industry becomes more specialized and customers look for lighting products that are more than utilitarian, but add to the interior of their home in a way that can’t be found in general lighting stores.

Instead of simply illuminating a room, customers today want attractive decorative lighting with unique features, and this brand has built up a loyal customer base for products that add to the beauty of their homes. With over 46,000 followers on Instagram, it is clear that their customers like what they see and can’t wait for new arrivals.

And to back this up, customers are providing this company with a consistent flow of dynamic reviews that emphasize how attractive their lighting looks in their home and how often visitors ask where they got it. That puts this company not only in the profitable lighting industry, which is now worth $112 billion globally, but also in the even more lucrative global home décor market, which is valued to reach a whopping $838.6 billion by 2027. Again – lighting is no longer there to just light up a room – it’s now there to beautify a room and make it special.

Businesses such as this one, which can offer customers the convenience of a brightly lit room to products that are aesthetically pleasing to the eye, have strong potential, particularly considering the surge in families launching home remodeling projects given the low inventory of housing on the market and higher interest rates. As people stand by their homes and make them better – lighting will continue to be an important element of their thought process. This business is poised for even greater success since they now have a strong product array and the ability to easily add new products that expand their customer base and become ideal for upsells.

Since launching nearly three years ago, the company has seen its revenue soar as their products have proven appealing for both D2C and B2B user types. A key to that has been the company’s excellent relationship with their manufacturer. The supplier sources all products for them and is available to modify any existing products to make them more appealing or to boost upsells and cross-sells. The company always has the option to design new lights or modify their top sellers, which is also a significant scale option for any new owner of the business.

Their manufacturer also conducts quality checks, handles their branding, and responds to orders through the drop ship method. That has enabled this company to focus on their marketing efforts to drive sales.

Besides the strong ties to their manufacturer, another strong moat in place for this company is their marketing strategy. The company has a contractor videographer and photographer who arranges visits with customers in their houses to create content based on real customer experiences and imagery. Few others can compete with this joint seller and user-generated content and it gives them a huge advantage in this space.

At an Average Order Value of $410, the company is not a seasonal one and their products are selling well throughout the year. Initially, there was a slight drop during the month of December when customers were more focused on gift buying than getting installation lighting, but this December the company is on track to increase profits by six figures, indicating that word is getting out about this company and what it offers.

That’s also a reminder of how the lighting and home décor industries are recession-proof. This company is now enjoying 87% year-over-year growth, with their customer demographics expanding as they increasingly appeal to higher-income customers in a wide, 30- to 50-year-old range.

To boost sales, the company has a successful three-tier marketing plan. At the top of the sales funnel, they run PPC ads on sites such as Google, Facebook and Pinterest.

To drive organic traffic to their Shopify website, they have a vibrant social media marketing plan that includes postings on Instagram (where they enjoy 45,000+ followers), Facebook (9,900+ followers) and video marketing on YouTube and TikTok. The company runs daily stories and videos on these popular social media channels.

The bottom of the sales funnel includes email and SMS text marketing to the 15,000+ subscribers in their database.

Each one of these marketing tools has been contributing to their growth curve, and the company is now averaging 55,000+ unique visits to their website each month. Their Repeat Customer Rate has started rising and is now at 8%.

Current ownership has six full-time and four part-time employees who handle daily tasks, including an operations manager, product lister, web developer, video editor and ad manager. All 10 are contract workers available to remain onboard post-acquisition to manage daily operations.

As a result, the current ownership spends as little as 5 hours per week running this business, focusing on content management, and marketing strategies.

The company’s rising profits and expanding customer base should shed new light on how successful they have been, and how profitable this company is likely to become in the future.

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Asking Price
$ 799,000
Cash Flow
$ 371,960
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$ 1,512,867
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