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eCommerce Brand in the African Heritage Jewelry Niche – 43% Net Margins – Strong & Growing Social Following


Website Closers® presents an immensely profitable jewelry company flourishing in the niche of culturally expressive pieces. This brand has performed exceptionally well marketing jewelry with a deeply personal theme in the African Heritage niche. The jewelry industry is an unshakable  and expressive one and these uniquely engaging pieces have brought in tremendous revenue in just 16 months.

Marketing personalized, African themed jewelry with handmade quality has resulted in a sought-after brand that has become increasingly in demand. Buyers today are happy to spend their money on jewelry for themselves or someone they love. They also want something totally unique, that speaks to who they are. This brand understands its customer well, and has built a fervently loyal customer base delivering high quality items that their clients relate to.

There is no clearer example of that success than the fact that gross revenues have soared on 35 SKUs that have an average order value of just $37. That’s a tremendous amount of sales, and as the company’s wildly enthusiastic online reviews demonstrate, their customer base has become exceptionally loyal brand advocates.

Jewelry remains one of the great evergreen products online, something people choose to buy not because it’s practical, but because they are passionate about it.

The brand focuses on necklaces, pendants, earrings and other jewelry items that pay tribute to different aspects of Africa and its customers’ African heritage. The company developed specialized items that include an African pendant  shaped like the continent, Queen Nefertiti earrings, and many others. Each product has a custom weld on the chain, manufactured specifically for this brand.

This company launched its products on their Shopify site. As the number of purchases grew, so did the SKUs, rising to 35 compelling offerings. Sales were so brisk that the company was able to increase prices, from $32 to $37 in the past month alone, and still see exceptional sales. Sales have remained steady throughout the year, although African American holidays such as Martin Luther King Day, Juneteenth, and Kwanzaa can produce a sharp uptick in sales. Political events that provoke a sense of pride in one’s national heritage also helps promote sales.

The company operated on such an efficient level, the owner now spends just 7 hours a week running it. His daily tasks focus on purchasing, demo calls, managing contractors who handle PPC ads and website development. Responses to customer service inquiries, typically about 40 per day, are handled mainly by their automated customer support system. A small percentage of inquiries are dealt with by contractors as well.

Leveraging a 100% stock method for inventory and stocking up to 3 months’ worth of product in a 50 square foot room in an office building, this company has successfully streamlined their operations. New orders are placed nearly every month and the owner maintains about $100,000 worth of inventory, demonstrating how rapidly sales are increasing.

This brand has developed an enormously successful social media marketing campaign that delivers a whopping 35,800+ followers on Instagram and more than 9,000 Facebook followers. The majority of posts made on these two sites are reposts of customers wearing and showing off the jewelry they just purchased, which has been invaluable for word of mouth, reshares, and likes. This has worked so well that the business now earns an average of 51,000+ visitors per month on their website and has 70,000+ subscribers in their email database.

The company mixes that with highly catered PPC ads on Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Snapchat. The most obvious growth potential is to expand onto other popular eCommerce platforms such as Amazon, Walmart, and Etsy, where sales would skyrocket through increased reach and awareness.

The brand could continue increasing its SKUs, offering a wider selection to new and existing customers. Providing the option of upsells to its repeat customers and strategically marketing to its previous purchasers would dramatically increase revenue. Partnering with social media influencers in the African community and connecting with their target markets’ online forums and clubs could drive staggering success as well.

The company has not yet developed an SEO program but doing so would dramatically increase organic traffic to the website. That’s particularly true if the company were to create an educational and informative blog on its website that was rich in SEO keywords.

This brand’s huge impact on its customers has been proven time and time again with their many social media followers, innumerable glowing reviews and dramatically rising profits. With an extremely satisfied, growing customer base and wide range of beautifully unique products, there are limitless opportunities to easily leverage this brand for life-changing results.

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$ 795,157
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$ 1,864,676
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