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eCommerce Brand in the Air Purification Products Vertical – Mostly Website Sales – 1 Million Uniques Per Month – Version 2.0 has a Replacement Filter (Repeat Orders)


Website Closers® presents an eCommerce business that has become a breath of fresh air for consumers, offering them a line of Air Purifier & Air Sanitizer products designed by their team of innovators, manufactured specifically for them, and sold under their brand name. They have just recently launched Version 2.0 of their main Air Purifier Unit which has a Replacement Filter – this means that the company’s Recurring Revenue stream will be growing as time progresses. The company also offers a subscription-based opportunity. The brand is now in the early stages of creating these repeat purchase products, with plenty of upsell opportunities available. There are many other repeat purchase product options available to the company that are currently in R&D and can be launched in the future.

As people become more conscious about their health, air purifiers have skyrocketed in popularity as buyers embrace them to eliminate harmful particles from their home and to maximize purified air. This company recognized that trend and has successfully introduced a line of air purifiers and air sanitizers that have become top sellers. With an Average Order Value of $115, the company is now shipping 440+ orders daily. With their products available on multiple sales channels, including their Website, Amazon and Walmart, this brand has quickly become a significant operator in this niche space.

The global air purifier market is booming, valued at $12.26 billion in 2021 and projected to grow by 8.1% from 2022 to 2030, as heightened concerns about airborne illnesses and increasing pollution levels in urban areas have made people considerably more health consciousness and eager to find proven solutions at an affordable price range. This brand ideally fits into these trends.

They set out on a mission to bring clean air to homes. The company came into this market at just the right time, following a major shift in consumer thinking about air purifiers for the home during and after the pandemic. The company’s goal from the start was to find ways to safeguard their customers’ homes through accessible, convenient solutions. Their team of innovators and product developers created air purifiers and sanitizers that could easily be plugged into bedrooms, bathrooms, staircases, and for offices and commercial properties as well.

The products were created to reduce dust, smoke, allergens, and pet dander, and to keep the air fresh and clean. The products are easy to install with no maintenance required. The company employs an internal product development team and an offshore product sourcing team to create the 10 SKUs that are sold under their branded name. They continue to add new items, with plans to continue launching products in 2022.

Sales channels are diversified. The company has a vibrant customer base among homeowners. Seasonality has not been a factor since people tend to use air purifiers throughout the year, although the company has seen online sales spike up at the start of spring and the end of summer when allergy season is at its highest point. Operating 100% as an eCommerce platform (DTC and Marketplace), the company started with a Shopify website, which continues to handle 70% of all sales. Their expansion onto additional marketing channels has been successful, and 28% of sales now come from their Amazon platform.

The company further diversified by adding listings to Walmart and eBay, both relatively new but so far showing promising signs of growth. There are clear scale options for the company, including growing through presence on Amazon and on the eCommerce giant’s overseas platforms since their products are now sold exclusively in the US. The use of a PPC ad campaign on Amazon would boost sales considerably higher. There are also substantial growth opportunities by opening sales in Canada, Europe, Mexico, and Australia.

Sales could be driven much higher by generating B2B and wholesale accounts, establishing contracts with major retail partners such as Bed Bath Beyond and Costco. The company benefits as well from having a robust product pipeline for the rollout of additional products to attract new customers and for upsells.

Digital Marketing is a Focus. From the start, the company has employed a targeted marketing campaign to expand their customer base, which includes paid social media, display advertising, video marketing on YouTube, an influencer marketing campaign and email and text message marketing.

These tools have paid off in multiple ways. They have boosted organic traffic and given the brand more than 1 million unique monthly visitors to their Shopify website.

As their customer base has grown, so has the company’s email database, which now contains nearly 300,000+ subscribers.

The business is highly automated. With their sales channels efficiently processing all purchases, the current ownership works just 6 hours per week on tasks that include strategizing and product development. A team is in place to handle logistics, accounting, copywriting, media analytics, and purchasing.

The team also handles customer service inquiries, which currently run at 570+ per day.

The company stocks its products at a 3PL warehouse and also uses Fulfillment By Amazon for fast shipping. They maintain 90 days’ worth of inventory in the peak season, and 60 days’ worth throughout the rest of the year. New inventory orders are placed monthly to keep up with demand.

Rising health concerns have put air purification devices sharply in focus for many consumers. Products like the ones this brand created — which have a track record of highly favorable reviews — get noticed and become strong sellers. This company creatively used social media and other marketing tools to find their buyers, and as they continue rolling out new products, their audience is certain to keep expanding. Contact Website Closers today to get a feel for how refreshing this offering truly is.

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