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eCommerce Brand in the Boba Tea Category – Sells Gifts & Merchandise Connected with Boba Tea – 289% YOY Growth – International Sales – Strong Social Following on Pinterest & Instagram


Website Closers® presents a brand that has found a place for itself within a niche market. Their 26 SKUs consist of gifts and merchandise all themed after Boba Tea. These include bags, AirPods cases, and their most popular product, a set of reusable straws that are perfect for environmentalists. They have seen massive growth within an impressively short period of time, achieving 289% sales growth over the past 12 months, an Average Order Value of $35, and 200 orders a day during their peak season. They have steadily increased their variety of offerings over the course of their lifetime, making for a diverse lineup of branded products. Some of these products, such as their straws and tote bags, hold a special appeal for customers that are looking to cut back on their waste. Many of their reviews praise the straws for how ecofriendly and easy to clean they are, and the benefits they hold over other alternatives such as paper.

While competition is already minimal at best, the company sets themselves apart even further by the exclusivity of their products. All of the products have been designed by the current owner, and thanks to a strong relationship with their manufacturer, all products are also made exclusively for the brand. Additionally, because the company’s SKUs are unique to them, this puts them in an excellent position to develop their growing wholesale channel. They are currently negotiating with a local brand to become an exclusive distributor in the Canada region, which will boost their wholesale profits, and strengthen their international sales as well.

The company has been able to grow year after year due in large part to their excellent marketing strategy. They utilize Facebook, Instagram, and Google paid media, and supplement it with an email and SMS campaign. This campaign involves following up with customers and providing them with better offers, encouraging them to complete their order within a 48-hour period.

Social media has also been a valuable asset in finding new customers. While the company has accounts on Facebook and TikTok, it has been on Pinterest and Instagram where they have seen the greatest success. On Pinterest, they have over 1,100 followers, and about 191,500 visitors to their page every month. Their Instagram account sees even more attention, with an incredible 53,000+ follower count.

As organic traffic plays such an integral part in their marketing strategy, a buyer could see strong results by improving upon it. Their success on Instagram has been in part thanks to the frequency of their posts, which means that, if the company were to do the same with their other accounts, they could see similar results.

The company could also form partnerships with social media influencers, and possibly launch an affiliate program. Influencers often have a large audience base that they can advertise to, giving the company access to even more possible customers. Additionally, these influencers would be able to improve the company’s reputation by speaking positively about their products, which would help them become more widely known within their niche.

Their 43,000+ strong email and SMS contact database can be further utilized. While they already have a campaign established for both, only 8% of revenue can be traced back to it. The company could solve this by investing more into the campaigns and encouraging customers to subscribe by offering more benefits to doing so. They could create a targeted newsletter, offer specialized discounts, or notify customers of sales and other events. This would encourage customers to return to the company, raising their repeat order rate, and strengthening customer loyalty.

The company could bring in more sales by expanding to Amazon, Walmart, and other eCommerce websites, or polishing up their Etsy account. They could also continue to release new SKUs to their product line. The company already has designs and a sample ready for a reusable boba teacup, which, if manufactured and released, could capitalize on their buyers’ interest in their reusable products. Other products that the company could release include home-made boba tea kits, or more variations of their existing SKUs for customers to choose from.

The website itself can also be used to bring in more organic growth. At the moment, the company doesn’t have an SEO campaign, though they do have a blog with a few posts about boba and boba enthusiasts. By posting more regularly to this blog, and implementing certain keywords into product descriptions, they could ensure that the company will come up more frequently in the search results of boba fans.

The company is incredibly turnkey and requires very little in terms of management or staffing. The owner spends only 5 hours per week operating the business, with their tasks consisting of purchasing inventory, managing advertisements, and sourcing creatives. The other employees are both part-time hires, consisting of a video editor, and a virtual assistant to handle all emails and messages.

This acquisition is in the perfect position to scale, thanks to a strong foundation, few competitors in its niche, and an excellent assortment of unique products. What it needs now is a buyer who knows their way around paid advertising and marketing practices, and how to bring in the attention that it deserves. If you’d like to hear more about this business and everything it has to offer, then contact Website Closers today.

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$ 378,790
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$ 1,189,744
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