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eCommerce Brand in the Couples Matching Jewelry Niche – Highly Active on TikTok – Strong Growth – Focused on Zillennial & Gen-X Buyers

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Website Closers® presents an eCommerce Brand that is thriving with the younger generation of Fashion Jewelry consumer, demonstrating a strong customer base and a skill at video marketing on the social media platform TikTok to expand their audience. The company is focused on Couples Jewelry (Couples Matching Jewelry) and has proven to be a leader in this niche, although it is an increasingly popular trend that has lower competition within the overall jewelry market.

The company hit the ground running early on in two ways: first, by selecting SKUs with direct appeal to couples, including rings, bracelet sets, love note necklaces, keychains, and candles; and second, through a marketing strategy that went directly to where their target customers were, and that was on TikTok. Do you remember Promise Rings – well those will likely never go away … and now there’s Couples Promise Rings … something to let everybody know that not just the girl is taken, butt the boy too!

After testing multiple products, their eCommerce website was launched, and the company was able to use their TikTok videos to capitalize on the growing popularity of the couples’ matching jewelry niche. They have been riding the wave of popularity for this increasingly in-demand vertical ever since.

The fashion industry remains one of the most profitable in the world, with jewelry being one of the top items that people are purchasing online today. In 2021, the global jewelry market generated a phenomenal $228 billion, with projections that it will increase by an additional $21 billion by 2025.

Online jewelry shops are demonstrating enormous appeal as well, with online jewelry sales hitting $7.6 billion in 2021 in the U.S. alone in 2021.

Today online jewelry purchases make up about 5-10% of all jewelry sales, and those numbers are only getting stronger.

Couples matching jewelry has become a hot new trend in this field, and this brand was one of the first to recognize that and capitalize on it, giving them a head start in establishing their Shopify website as the go to shopping destination for appealing gifts for a loved one.

The company has the additional advantage of low competition in this niche space. Together with their high recurring revenues and smart marketing tactics, it should become abundantly clear to a buyer how attractive this offering is.

The brand capitalized on an emerging trend in jewelry. The concept behind this site was to capitalize on products where each couple gets a connecting piece, and videos of couples wearing and enjoying their matching jewelry proved to be the ideal way for the brand to connect with their target market, Zillennials and Gen X consumers. Through their creative use of TikTok — including PPC ads on the site — sales began to take off quickly.

Within months of being launched, the company had attracted 30,000 customers, and their first Q4 holiday season shattered their monthly revenue goals as their products become a hit gift item. Their typical customer is between 17 and 24 years old, very familiar with social media platforms and always on them.

Today the company is enjoying a 37% profit margins. While couples tend to spend highly over the holidays, the company also enjoys peak sales during anniversaries and birthdays – meaning all year round.

They operate in a very broad niche, and among their 20something audience there are always newly engaged or married couples looking for a gift that is far more memorable and more meaningful to give.

Their success is built on impulse buying. The company now markets 11 SKUs with an Average Order Value of $28, with their custom magnet bracelet becoming their strongest seller, making up 60% of their holiday gift sales.

A key to their success in driving sales has been to offer customers an inexpensive product on TikTok, usually priced around $20, which appealed strongly to impulse buyers and quickly drove profits higher. The use of this social media channel and their PPC ad spends have worked very effectively at driving traffic to their website, and the brand now gets up to 200,000+ visitors on their website, along with more than 50,000+ subscribers in their email database, which could be efficiently leveraged in the future for a newsletter that introduces new products and promotes upsells.

The company is planning to continue expanding their SKUs, with new products waiting to be tested on TikTok and other social media platforms.

Another obvious scale option for them would be to launch on more social channels, including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest. The company just relaunched its Facebook account, retargeting thousands of users to help connect with highly engaged users.

The company is also exploring the launching of an influencers campaign to help grow the lifetime value of their SKUs.

This business does not require long hours. Highly automated, the current ownership spends just a few hours each week running this company, with tasks that include conducting business research and developing new growth channels. They employ freelancers for certain tasks, and four virtual assistants to handle customer service.

In a healthy sign, the company is now shipping at least 600+ packages a day, which at peak times rises to more than 1,000 shipments. They typically stock up to 5,000 units at all times for their most popular SKUs.

The enduring, evergreen popularity of jewelry, loved by millions as an irresistible fashion statement, shows no signs of abating anytime soon, and in fact the biggest trend today appears to be the increased popularity of couples matching jewelry, which this company has taken full advantage of.
This company has multiple impressive ways to scale quickly, and when it comes to their future, this brand looks like a real gem.

Contact Website Closers today so our brokers can outline how this jewel of a business is ready for some skyrocketing profitability.

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Asking Price
$ 860,000
Cash Flow
$ 264,114
Gross Income
$ 1,130,201
Year Established

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