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eCommerce Brand in the Dental Equipment Industry – 30% Net Margins – High AOV of $190 with 15% Repeat Customer Rate – Primary Channel is Shopify Website – Strong YOY Growth


Website Closers® presents a well-established eCommerce Brand in the sought-after Dental Equipment industry. The company provides customers with the necessary tools for work as a dentist. It offers products that have proven to be innovative, quality goods at competitive prices while still delivering top-notch profit margins.

For years, dental professionals have been frustrated by the high prices of equipment. The market for dental equipment is not saturated and is historically very expensive. This brand came as a welcome change from the status quo. It quickly gained market share due to lower prices, great quality, and excellent customer service. The glowing online reviews speak for themselves.

The current categories they serve include:

  • Dental Loupes & Headlights
  • Dental Handpieces
  • Implant Dentistry
  • Intraoral Cameras
  • Endodontics
  • Dental Curing Lights
  • Dental Photography
  • Dentistry Templates

There is significant potential to introduce new products and collections and promote them to existing customers via their growing email list. The business is an ideal opportunity because the goods sold are essential for running a dentistry business. Dentistry is an evergreen need that continues to grow as a segment. Subsequently, the company experiences no seasonality in sales, providing consistent cash flow and a more straightforward approach to advertising. Plus – as time progresses – they are expected to grow organically just based on industry trends alone.

Products are sourced by an agent in China directly from factories. The agent is a nice value add for a new acquirer because she negotiates better prices and terms, where possible. She will be very helpful in finding new products in the future. All items are sold under the brand name. They also come with a branded box, and some products have a logo engraved on them.

In preparation for the holiday season, Chinese New Year and other Asian events, the agent manages the process well and purchases additional stock, so logistics are never disturbed. The company also has a United States warehouse where it accepts customers’ returns. Quality checks are performed, after which the products are repackaged and resold.

Only around $2,000 worth of stock in resale value is kept at the United States warehouse. The company does not buy any inventory upfront due to long, sound, and trusting relationships in China.

The market is very lucrative, with some of the highest profit margins. Every company is slightly different, so the typical customer will buy from various companies to ensure they have enough equipment. If something malfunctions, backup tools are needed. Additionally, this industry has been stable and highly profitable throughout history. Dentistry as an occupation is very popular, and the market is enormous and constantly developing. Products are high-ticket and sell quickly in the rewarding niche.

The customer base is entirely made up of dentists and dental practitioners. They are predominantly from the US, UK, Australia, Canada, and Europe. Many are loyal, repeat customers with hundreds and thousands of dollars spent on the store. Asia-Pacific and other regions are growing at staggering rates and provide promising opportunities for further international expansion.

The owner works only around 4 hours weekly. His primary tasks include:

  • Introducing new products every two to three months
  • Creating new ads and optimizing current ads
  • Scheduling three email campaigns weekly

The supply chain is working perfectly with the agent in China. She handles all shipments, so there is little work involved besides paying invoices on time.

An additional employee works three to four hours weekly as a customer support agent.

Lead generation is primarily achieved via paid advertising on Facebook and Google. The brand has consistently, since its inception, achieved high returns on ad spending. Additionally, the email database of more than 100,000 is used to generate significant revenue each month. The business has a high 60% open rate which results in healthy traffic. This channel can be optimized further and is low-hanging fruit to boost revenue.

Other sources of revenue, which have yet to be focused on, involve an affiliate program and distributors. Both provide an excellent opportunity in the future.

All products are sold on the company’s Shopify-built website. It contains excellent product images, sales promotions, detailed descriptions, and reviews. Amongst the many useful Shopify apps used for optimal conversion and ease of operations is one that manages all orders and tracks delivery dates with the Chinese supplier.

This business has demonstrated stable year-over-year growth, a customer base with an insatiable appetite for its products, wonderful reviews and customer satisfaction, and highly automated systems. Furthermore, the industry is growing consistently due to an aging population, evolving medical tourism pertaining to dental treatment in emerging economies, and a public that prioritizes dental care.

This eCommerce Business is Represented by:

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WC 2879

Asking Price
$ 950,000
Cash Flow
$ 256,685
Gross Income
$ 728,157
Year Established