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eCommerce Brand in the Eco-Friendly Showerhead Vertical – Massive Social Media Following on TikTok – 114,000 Monthly Organic Visitors


Website Closers® presents an eCommerce business that is rapidly emerging as a leader in the niche space of Environmentally Friendly and Advanced Shower Heads, enjoying 100% year over year profits and glowing reviews for the high quality of their products. With opportunities to expand listings onto eCommerce titans such as Amazon and to market wholesale in addition to DTC, there’s no question that this brand has terrific options for transforming their quick success into an even more profitable long-term operation.

The brand’s specialized shower heads stand out for multiple reasons. These products are designed so the water pressure is stronger and feels far closer to a luxurious spa-like experience than a traditional home shower. Customers have raved about how these showerheads have improved the quality of their hair and skin through the proprietary use of minerals imbedded within the showerheads.

The products have also drawn praise for helping customers achieve savings on their water bills – helping them save up to 30% on water usage. Customers who were used to weak water pressure from eco-friendly showerheads have very high praise for these products which can both reduce water usage and increase water pressure … and the brand has enjoyed hundreds of 5 Star reviews since being launched due to this fact.

This is hardly a small market. At a time when the real estate market is booming and home sales are rising, the Global bath and shower products market is now valued at $40 billion U.S. dollars and projected to rise to $48 billion in 2022. Americans are willing to spend a lot to create an exceptional bathroom in their home, and the right shower head can make a significant difference. It can not only transform the way that shower looks, but also improve how it feels.

For most people, a good shower is how they start their day, and improved water pressure can make them feel more relaxed and ready to face the day. That’s why homeowners, whether just moving into a new home or remodeling the one they have lived in for years, take the time to shop for the shower head with the right mix of water flow, water pressure, and style.

With millions of new homeowners across the globe as prospective customers, this brand is ready for an ambitious buyer to take it to the next level.

Their products meet a clear need. This company’s main products are shower heads and kits, with additional products offered to existing customers as upsells. The brand has 16 products for sale, which can include different package bundles.

Those products are sold on their Shopify website. The owner got the idea for this business when similar shower head products began trending heavily on TikTok at the start of the pandemic in early 2020 as an immense wave of homeowners began launching extensive remodeling projects at their home.  This brand’s owner quickly discovered that demand for these high-water pressure shower heads remained sky high well into 2021. Since every family has a shower, it proved to be an easy product to market.

Their strongest customer demographic has been women aged 30 and older, interested in improving the look of their home in general and bathroom in particular.

Smart marketing has boosted sales. Having discovered this trending product on TikTok, this brand has effectively used social media to boost sales of their own brand. Their TikTok account now has 155,000+ followers, while their Instagram account is also growing with 7,400+ followers. The company follows trends in this niche space and creates its content based on that, which has effectively kept their customers engaged and boosted organic traffic to their website. The company is now averaging an impressive 113,000+ unique monthly visitors to their site. The brand has also relied on PPC ads on Google to expand their customer base, and an effective email marketing campaign that takes full advantage of a massive email database of 45,000 subscribers.

A strong emphasis is placed on customer service, including fast deliveries. The brand orders stock ahead of time with custom packaging, and sales have remained steady throughout the year. In fact, as sales have increased, their Average Order Value has risen from $58 to $65.

Growth opportunities abound. This is a brand that has excellent opportunities to scale quickly, because there are several major untapped options waiting to be ventured into. The brand has yet to expand its SKU listings onto other eCommerce sites, and their bathroom and shower products would be ideal for major platforms such as Amazon and Walmart.

That would also enable the brand to expand its current product line, offering new types of shower heads and accessories which could then become upsells to their existing customers.

Another top opportunity would be to expand from DTC sales to B2B. The company could use a strong sales team to market their shower heads to big box stores and major retailers that sell bathroom accessories, and even hair salons that routinely wash customers’ hair. That would be a major game changer for this brand.

It helps that this is a highly automated business, one that requires as little as 2 hours of work per week for the owner to perform. The owner has several employees who assist operations, including for customer service, media buys, and web design.

This business has come a long way in a short period of time and is primed for explosive growth with the right steps in the future. A buyer looking to direct a business to new heights has a fantastic opportunity with this eCommerce site. Contact Website Closers today, so our brokers can provide you with a more in depth look at the appeal this offering has.

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