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eCommerce Brand in the Smartwatch Band Vertical – Influencer Program in Place – 27% Net Margins – 284% YOY Growth Rate – 15% Repeat Order Rate


Website Closers® presents a scaling eCommerce Brand that fills a void in the Smartwatch Accessories Category by providing stunning replacements for Apple Watch bands, fully branded in this company’s trademark. Their 370 products on the market come in a range of styles, colors, and materials, without breaking their customers’ banks. They’ve achieved 27% Net Income Margins and a truly staggering 284% YOY Growth Rate, which they have been diligently working to grow and maintain. Watch bands are lightweight and relatively low cost to manufacture, making this a highly profitable product line with very little wane in demand on the horizon.

Apple Watches are an incredibly popular product, and for good reason. Not only are they sold by Apple, a household name that owns the Smartwatch market, but they also provide numerous benefits to users and their lifestyles, including monitoring their health and wellness, as well as keeping them in the know throughout the day. Unfortunately for Apple Watch customers, if they want to buy an OEM Apple Watch Band, they can be very expensive. On Apple’s official website, the bands are priced around $100. While Amazon offers cheaper options that this company’s offerings, the brands tend to be low-quality and easily breakable … which come up in the reviews. This company combines quality and diversification to provide exactly what the customer needs at a sensible price point.

Their bands are made from a variety of materials, such as braided nylon, metal, and resin, which lets customers choose a band that best suits their preferences. Each band also comes in a selection of different colors, further adding to the sheer number of options that customers can enjoy. They also sell Apple Watch and Watchband cases alongside their bands, allowing them to better appeal to the needs of their customers.

They continually try out new models and only keep the best sellers available. If a product does poorly, it’s discontinued, and promptly dropped from the roster. This model ensures that the company’s number of SKUs stays within a manageable range, allows them to sell only the most profitable products, and, if a customer enjoys a product that isn’t selling well, encourages them to purchase it before it’s gone forever.

Despite their persistent efforts to provide the best possible bands for their customers, the brand has still successfully managed to keep their products affordable, with their Average Order Value coming in at about $46.

The low-cost, high-quality model that the company swears by has been very appreciated by their customer base. They have a 15% Repeat Customer Rate, a Lifetime Customer Value of $53.76, and over 78,000 contacts in their email database.

Their excellent marketing campaign has also played a part in the breakneck growth that they’ve seen. They utilize PPC on Facebook, TikTok, and Bing, among others. Thanks to their paid ads, they have also quickly built their social media accounts, which serve as a great source of organic traffic.

They have accounts on Instagram and TikTok, with both having seen a fresh wave of attention and interest. Their Instagram account has over 17,400 followers, and their TikTok, which has over 6,500, has seen two of their videos gain over a million views each. If the company continues to cultivate and develop these accounts, they could achieve virality, and in turn, gain a massive surge of organic traffic.

One of the methods that they have been using to build their social media accounts, as well as the business itself, is their recent implementation of an influencer program. They also have an affiliates program on top of this, which has done fairly well though it hasn’t been advertised. Both programs, if given the proper attention and publicizing, would be very promising additions to their advertising campaign.

The company itself is in an ideal place to scale, with many more opportunities at its disposal. For instance, at the moment, the website does not have any SEO strategy in place. Doing so would allow them to appear more frequently in search results, creating a natural stream of new, curious users by the day.

They could also build the brand by adding to their product line. They could continue creating bands made with new color and material variations, or other related items, like accessories and cases. The company has already started working to create new, custom nylon bands, as well as proprietary products, which will add to their offerings and give them even more exclusivity in the market.

Alternatively, they can choose to expand into other brands of smart watches. While Apple’s smartwatches are well-known and used by many, there are a variety of other popular brands, such as Samsung, Garmin, and FitBit. Customers have already been asking for products for these other types of watches, and if pursued, the company would become the only one in the market to offer these options.

Expansion into the international and B2B markets would also be worth considering. Selling B2B would diversify the company’s sales channels, and allow their products to be more widely available. International expansion would be similar, in that it would make the company accessible to a vast new audience, strengthen their reputation, and exponentially raise their profit margins.

The brand’s potential is truly limitless in the right hands. They have successfully gone viral twice on social media, have filled a gap in the niche customers have been clamoring for, and can easily solidify their position as a leader within their market. Not only that, but the current owners are willing to stay on after the sale, which will make the transition much smoother for a buyer. It’s safe to say that this company deserves to be closely watched. If you’re interested in learning more, then contact Website Closers today.

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Asking Price
$ 4,000,000
Cash Flow
$ 1,063,887
Gross Income
$ 1,777,723
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