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eCommerce Brand in the Sporting Gear Niche | Highly Giftable, Innovative Products | $63 AOV | 220,000 Visitors/Month | 85,000 Email Subs

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Website Closers® presents an eCommerce brand that provides a captivating golf experience through its inventive games that utilize adhesive golf balls and an expansive playing area. Players aim at targets, which can be hung upright or positioned on the ground. Diverging from conventional golf, this distinctive approach introduces an enjoyable and challenging dimension to the sport. The products offer an entertaining and dynamic alternative to traditional play, fostering skill enhancement and enjoyment for individuals of varying skill levels.

Sales are driven by the US market, accounting for 44% of revenue, closely followed by Australia, which contributes 36%. The UK, Canada, and New Zealand make up the remainder.

Value Propositions

The brand distinguishes itself in the golfing vertical by offering a unique game design and scoring system, providing a fresh and engaging experience for both seasoned golfers and newcomers. This innovative approach enhances the overall gaming experience, making it more accessible and enjoyable.

A notable feature is its affordability, positioning the products as an ideal option for a broad audience. In contrast to some prohibitively expensive products in the market, the attractive price point widens the prospective customer base, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a thoughtful and entertaining gift for golf enthusiasts.

The company’s content strategy focuses on being fun, organic, and relatable. By incorporating humor, real-life scenarios, and relatable anecdotes into its marketing and communication, the brand establishes a genuine connection with customers, fostering a sense of community and shared enthusiasm for the game. The owner strategically positions their product as ‘the perfect gift for him,’ addressing a specific market need for those looking to gift male recipients. This targeted approach makes the product an ideal and thoughtful choice for golf-loving men during birthdays, holidays, or special occasions.

The generously sized mat is another distinctive aspect of the offering. This larger playing surface provides players with a more immersive and dynamic experience, accommodating various playing styles and preferences.

Management simplifies the customer experience by focusing on a bundle offering that includes everything needed to set up and play immediately, anywhere, anytime. This comprehensive package eliminates the need for customers to source additional accessories or components, providing a hassle-free and enjoyable experience straight out of the box

Other notable KPIs for the business include annual revenue approaching $4.5 million, solid net profits and margins, a healthy return on ad spend, and an impressive Average Order Value.

Sourcing & Logistics

Products are procured from a manufacturer in Asia. The game design is unique to the company, and exclusivity contracts are in place, which extend to the custom packaging and inserts. Although the current packaging consists of a small cardboard box, the owner is migrating to a bag with a strap to make it suitable for retail sales. The supplier manages everything from customer email updates to shipping orders. However, management prepares inventory in advance to be shipped immediately using a fast-line courier. It typically equates to $4,000 or 500 units, sufficient for ten days, dramatically boosting cash flow.

Between 50 and 2,500 units are dispatched daily, and the supplier uses a plug-in Shopify app to fulfill orders and sync them for customers to receive shipping updates.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Marketing efforts are multifaceted and all performed by the owner. Google Ads are used for search campaigns in each country, primarily targeting brand terms and relevant keywords. Paid ads are also used across social media channels and complement organic content showcasing the product. With Facebook, for example, a new set of creatives is implemented at least every two weeks. Keywords have been set up on all pages and headers through Shopify for SEO purposes, and a strategic upsell has been shrewdly added to increase the AOV. Additionally, management has a remarketing flow set up.

The typical customer has a general interest in golf, is in a relationship and purchasing for their partner, or is a child purchasing for their father.

Workload & Team

The owner dedicated between 10 and 15 hours weekly to the business, focusing primarily on the following tasks:

  • Overseeing the customer service team
  • Liaising with the manufacturing agent
  • Processing payments to relevant freelancers
  • Planning future content opportunities
  • Managing paid ads

The business has no employees. However, four freelancers work on an hourly basis in customer service, video editing, and Shopify development.

Tremendous growth and profitability are par for the course under capable new management, and a buyer will have multiple scale avenues at their disposal.

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Asking Price
$ 1,430,000
Cash Flow
$ 1,427,357
Gross Income
$ 4,455,603
Year Established

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