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eCommerce Brand in the Vibrational Tools & Training Sector – 27% Repeat Order Rate – $209 Average Order Value – 22 Years in Business


Website Closers® presents an eCommerce Brand in a highly unique industry – Vibrational Tools and Training Incorporating Science, Sound and Spirtuality. Working with ancient Solfeggio Frequencies in the form of energy tuners, the company offers both products and training for those in or looking to enter this growing field.

The company sees itself as a leader in the movement of awakeners calling together those who are interested in making a difference in the world. Vibrational tools used for personal use, to increase the quality of life, make up the majority of items sold, and serve as a gateway to professional tools and training.

The Brand started up two decades ago by attending Body, Mind, and Spirit Expositions, where people would walk by their booths looking confused at the products on display. Years later, people flock to the booth, excited about what these products can do for well-being. Most have heard of sound therapy, and many have experience with solfeggio frequencies. The landscape has changed, and this brand has been a key contributor to this rise of consciousness. After attending these expos, the team would return to the city for a series of workshops. The website sales grew as the teacher program was developed, and they no longer needed to attend expos or travel as much. The business currently offers a series of workshops live once a year, letting the online courses and teachers continue the movement worldwide.

The company hummed along at around $400,000 in sales for about a decade. The owners were comfortable and didn’t feel the need to push further. In 2020, there was a growth spurt as consumers began to search for better ways to navigate life. In 2021, the brand began working with YouTube influencers who helped double the customer base and sales. That larger customer base is sustaining the business in 2022, and the proliferation shows no signs of slowing down.

The typical customer is an older, open, and searching female who desires to be of service to others. Repeat business is driven by a variety of specialty products and an array of courses, encouraging clients to pursue the next level of training or certification.

The primary product is an array of Tuning Forks, sourced through a US-based supplier with whom the company enjoys a 10-year relationship. Support and practitioner products are sourced through various small businesses. All items are sourced in the US, but two: Sound pucks from Canada and Chakra Stones from India. In total, 40 products are sold, with 20 additional kits incorporating those products.

The suppliers create specific sets of custom forks to exact specifications and place this company’s brand on them. The manufacturer has agreed not to sell the same products to anyone else. A few custom items needed for training and kits are custom-made by small businesses.

The business uses a 100% stock inventory model but needs only minimal storage space given its products. On average, $45,000 of inventory is maintained monthly.

Over 80% of sales are via eCommerce. The remainder is through phone orders, teacher and wholesale orders, live workshops, and expos.

The owners experience a varying workload. The president established the brand and spends little time on the business but attends live workshops and interviews. He is the brand voice that gets potential customers to become fellow awakeners.

The co-owner works 40 hours weekly. His primary tasks include marketing, accounting, inventory ordering and tracking, customer service, website, and subcontractor and agency management.

Additional employees work part-time as assistants, handling order fulfillment, inventory organization, and assembly of kits.

The company has previously had great success and return on ad spend with a 30-second Facebook ad, generating enormous sales. They currently do very little on the channel, presenting tremendous growth potential for a new owner. Email marketing has recently been crucial as flows are beginning to reap results. The email database of 10,000+ is growing and highly effective as a marketing tool for this business.

A recent affiliate program also bears fruit and can be combined with influencer marketing for almost certain success.

The business is relatively straightforward operationally for a new owner to quickly transition. Becoming a certified teacher in the training system would be advisable for teaching others. The existing owners are happy to help a buyer do this, or the buyer can work with another accredited teacher to take them through the process.

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Asking Price
$ 1,500,000
Cash Flow
$ 379,780
Gross Income
$ 897,984
Year Established