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eCommerce Brand in the Watercraft & Outdoor Products Vertical – 29% Net Margins – 70% Organic Sales – $686 AOV


1Website Closers® presents an eCommerce Brand, operating in the Australian market, that offers products within the highly lucrative and growing niche of watercraft, outdoor gear, and camping equipment. The brand represents an excellent opportunity for a US operator in similar segments to cross-sell products in both the US and Australia. A whole new channel added simply through M&A.

Australia is blessed with stunning natural landscapes and a population that loves outdoor adventures, resulting in an ever-growing demand for the products sold by this business. Consumers have embraced this company’s products just as they’ve embraced exploring the country’s abundant coastlines, lakes, and wilderness areas, driving sales year-over-year.

Since inception, the company has thrived in this burgeoning sector by capitalizing on the unique value propositions that set it apart from the competition, including:

  1. It holds a pivotal role as the primary point of contact in Australia for one of the most sought-after inflatable boat brands. The trust and confidence bestowed by the brand have led them to recommend this specific company’s online store, bolstering its reputation and sales.
  2. By securing stock as required and employing a DropShipping model, the business efficiently fulfills customer orders by dispatching products directly from the supplier’s warehouse. This streamlined process ensures timely delivery, enhances customer satisfaction, and negates the need, costs, and logistics of holding inventory.
  3. The company’s online visibility has played a pivotal role in its success. Ranking high on the first page of Google organic searches for most products, it enjoys a competitive advantage over other eCommerce players. This prominent online presence drives organic traffic and establishes the brand as a reliable and trusted source for watercraft and outdoor items.

Much of the company’s success can also be attributed to an exceptionally well-optimized Branded Website, built on the Shopify eCommerce Platform, that has been designed to meet the target audience’s needs and preferences. One of the website’s key features is its catalog of unique product packages. Offering carefully curated bundles enables the company to cater to customers looking for comprehensive solutions for their outdoor adventures and boosts the average order value.

Moreover, the site showcases a plethora of positive feedback, including valuable photo reviews. These reviews, spanning several years, increase conversion rates and establish trust and credibility. Positive Facebook reviews further bolsters the brand’s reputation, helping to attract more potential customers.

Another practical feature is a live chat pop-up that provides users with immediate responses to queries. It improves the user experience and aids in converting potential buyers who may have hesitations or questions before purchasing.

Understanding the importance of helping shoppers find the products they need efficiently, management has incorporated a product quiz on the site. This interactive tool assists customers in discovering items that align with their specific needs and preferences. Additionally, the descriptions have recently been optimized for better search engine visibility and greater understanding. By providing clear and comprehensive product information, the company ensures that customers can make informed decisions, directly and positively impacting sales. Similarly, regular blog posts contribute toward SEO results.

The digital marketing strategy is comprehensive and includes various components. PPC on Google shopping and text ads produces a healthy return on ad spend, as do organic social media posts and retargeting.

Regular emails are sent to advertise sales and promotions, complementing efficient segmentation and improving repeat purchase rates.

The brand has recently implemented affiliate marketing with influencers on their social media profiles and personal blogs. This channel has shown promise and is worth pursuing aggressively as a cost-effective tactic.

Typical customers are males between 30 and 65. However, the customer base is broad since the products, such as kayaks & SUPs, are offered in various models at different price points. Camping gear also appeals to a range of individuals with varying incomes and demographics.

Sales remain strong throughout the year, with a healthy peak in the Summer months, as expected in this niche.

The owner works only four hours weekly, focusing primarily on processing orders to suppliers and customer support via live chat and email.

A Philippines-based virtual assistant works occasionally when required. Previously, duties included adding new products to the website and order processing. Customer service could also be outsourced to this VA since they are in a similar time zone. A new owner may also consider outsourcing marketing efforts for optimal results and to reduce their workload further.

As Australia’s love for outdoor adventures continues to thrive, this eCommerce business is well-positioned to meet the evolving demands of the market and remain a prominent player in the industry.

This Company is Represented by:

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WC 3117

Asking Price
$ 541,000
Cash Flow
$ 154,705
Gross Income
$ 523,779
Year Established