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eCommerce Brand of Premium Hair Products – 13 Years in Business – 16 Proprietary Formulas – Amazon, DTC & Wholesale Channels – Almost 2X YOY Growth


Website Closers® presents a dynamic business founded by an equally dynamic woman. Aside from the company’s financial success, which is excellent, it stands out for its dedication to making fine and thin hair stunning and empowering women to look and feel beautiful and self-confident.

Hairspray is the top-selling product, but there is no heavy concentration on any given SKU. Additional popular products include mousse, styling spray, shampoo, and recovery conditioner.

These affordable yet sophisticated hair products give a buildable body and touchable hold that women with fine and thin hair crave. Customers regularly express feeling more confident because they feel more attractive and fall in love with their hair once again. The virtually weightless and water-soluble products formulated using 25 botanicals deliver performance-driven results at an affordable price. They are tried and tested and have subsequently gained a loyal customer base.

The industry trend has evolved where standout features often include what is not in the product instead of what is. This brand ticks all boxes in that regard by creating only products free of parabens, animal cruelty, and other harsh chemicals that can cause hair discoloration and damage. In contrast, when consumers look at the ingredients in hair care products, natural oils, extracts, and botanicals are sought after. Once again, this brand’s products fit the bill and, with natural plant-based ingredients, offer UV protection by creating a natural barrier against harmful rays.

Notably, for a buyer, the brand has new derivatives in development, encompassing three hairthickening SKUs designed as a set.

The Shopify-built website drives revenue and accounts for almost half of all sales. The website was recently upgraded and is now more interactive, aesthetically pleasing, and easier to navigate. Tutorials, testimonials, rewards for joining the community, and bundles have contributed to customer acquisition, customer retention, and improved conversion rates.

The wholesale channel follows the website in terms of sales and is growing steadily. Consistent orders from salons and stylists engender continuous income with little marketing spending. However, customer service is a priority, and these buyers are visited weekly to ensure their needs are met and relationships are nurtured.

Amazon provides yet another significant source of revenue, and the company enjoys a 5 Star Seller Rating on the platform, with all SKUs sold Prime. The Amazon Seller Central storefront generates between $21,000 and $25,000 monthly and offers plenty in the way of scalability.

Distributors comprise the fourth stream and currently account for around 7% of sales.

Given the nature of the niche in which this company operates, seasonality is virtually non-existent. Products sell year-round because they’re considered daily essentials by customers, who will purchase them as necessary to always have on hand.

The typical customer is a woman aged between 45 and 60. She earns a median income and has fine or thin hair. She is looking for an affordable product to fall in love with. The majority of direct-toconsumer buyers live in the Southeast, Florida, and Texas.

Sales are achieved through various methods. Email campaigns with segmented flows have proven lucrative for the brand, while video tutorials on Facebook entice prospective customers and engage previous customers. Facebook is the most important platform given the target customer demographic, and as a result, it has been a core focus of marketing efforts. The company blog is also prioritized for SEO purposes, and content is developed based on strategic collaboration between the owner and her advertising agency.

In addition, the business utilizes an affiliate program through Shopify, offering a 30% commission for sales. Furthermore, the brand offers various subscription models, including monthly, bimonthly, and quarterly shipments. These subscriptions are managed through excellent systems on Shopify. Importantly, this saves on ever-surging customer acquisition costs and augments customer lifetime value.

Typically, three months of inventory is maintained at any given time. That equates to 10% of annual sales and is currently the most efficient volume, based on global supply chain challenges, to avoid stock unavailability. All orders, which vary between 50 and 200 each day, are shipped from the company’s warehouse in Florida.

The owner focuses primarily on paying bills, managing payroll and taxes, and key customer interaction. In addition, she creates social content, sources vendors for packaging, and works with the chemist on product research and development.

Two personnel are employed. One fulfills administrative and sales duties, while the other handles warehouse-related tasks.

An agency performs website maintenance and implements and executes email and advertising campaigns.

This business requires few specialized skills, all of which can be taught to a buyer in a New York minute. They include a basic understanding of the salon business, product forecasting for inventory, and customer service. Knowledge of hair and beauty products and ingredients is beneficial, but the existing manufacturer is an expert and can certainly guide a new owner.

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Asking Price
$ 915,000
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$ 285,909
Gross Income
$ 918,498
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