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eCommerce Brand of Spiral-Bound Bibles & Scripture Sections for Adults & Kids – Strong Growth for 3 Straight Years – 100,000 Email Subs – Strong Social Following


Website Closers® presents a highly profitable eCommerce Brand operating in a vertical over 2,700 years in the making. This business offers a new way to read, study and take notes of the Bible and its various scriptures.

The products offered by this company are simple yet highly practical, encompassing variations of Christian scripture in varieties of spiral-bound Bible notebooks. A key selling point is that the pages lay completely flat so customers can read, study, take notes, color, or draw in the allocated margins of each page. Many are reluctant to do this in traditional Bibles, and as a result, the products offered by this brand have garnered an enormous, satisfied, and loyal customer base.

This is evident by reviewing the company’s sales results, which have grown to well over $100,000 monthly in less than 2 years. Sales remain consistent from day-to-day while continually increasing year-over-year. The brand has exhibited strong YOY annual growth since inception, with margins and profitability improving simultaneously.

Value Propositions

The business stands out in the vast eCommerce landscape for numerous important reasons. Importantly, their spiral-bound design is more than just a binding choice; it revolutionizes the user experience. Each page lies completely flat, eliminating the common struggle of balancing the Bible’s delicate pages, small print and large spine. The uniqueness of the product creates a niche in the market that few have ventured into.

An added advantage this company has is its simplicity in sourcing and manufacturing. All products are printed and bound in the US exclusively for the brand. This assures quality and resonates with a customer base that values domestic production. The business uses a printer in Orlando, Florida, that also handles fulfillment, negating the need for 3PL facilities or warehouse space. Between 50 and 100 orders are dispatched daily. The owner has negotiated favorable net 45 payment terms with the brand’s primary print vendor. Ownership strategically keeps inventory levels conservative—less than 1,500 units at any given time—as lead times are as little as 3 weeks. No formal contracts are in place, allowing a buyer to easily change or add additional suppliers as needed.

Another testament to the brand’s resonance with its audience is its robust social media following. In the age of digital marketing, having a significant presence on social platforms is crucial, and management has capitalized on this, with marketing efforts driven by Facebook and Instagram advertising. This business boasts a large social media footprint across both platforms, which amplifies its reach and solidifies its place in the modern digital landscape.

What sets this company further apart is the absence of any direct competitors. While there are many Bible print variations in circulation, and related products on the market, few cater to the unique requirements of users who wish for space and ease to annotate and personalize their holy scriptures. This unchallenged market position has undeniably contributed to the consistent sales growth the company has achieved over time. Their trajectory also indicates the product’s superiority and the brand’s adept understanding of its customer base and market dynamics.

Operations & Marketing Strategy

The digital marketing strategy is multifaceted and aims to promote these value propositions, primarily through Meta advertising. Management allocates between $500 and $750 daily on social media ads with a consistent ROAS of between 3.5 and 5. They are also proactive regarding email marketing activities, delivering 3 to 4 emails weekly to a database of nearly 100,000 subscribers. That number expands constantly, with between 50 and 100 new contacts added daily.

A modest monthly budget is allocated toward Google and Pinterest efforts, complementing the overall approach.

Sales are split almost evenly between paid marketing and organic traffic, demonstrating the brand’s attractiveness.

The typical customer is a female over 40 who lives in the South or Midwest. Sales are steady throughout the year, with a healthy peak in Q4 up until and including January. Early January sales are as strong as Christmas sales due to increasing consumer interest in Bible study at the New Year.

The founder focuses primarily on managing the Shopify store, working with the print vendor, liaising with digital marketing contractors, and managing financials.

Only one additional full-time employee works for the business, and a third-party contractor handles social media marketing.

Scale Opportunities

The brand is thriving and has vast scale potential through various avenues. A buyer can immediately boost margins with virtually no effort by ordering in bulk to reduce the cost per unit. Channel expansion to Amazon presents an enormous chance to reach a vast audience in a popular category and would likely prove incredibly lucrative. Translating the scripture into foreign languages, such as Spanish, is also low-hanging fruit for international expansion, while boosting ad spend on social media and introducing new products also present enticing opportunities.

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