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eCommerce Brand | Performance Parts to Create Modded Cars | $600 AOV | 30% Repeat Order Rate | Low Working Capital | Profits Grow Every Year

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Website Closers® presents an eCommerce Brand that has raced into the spotlight of the Automotive Aftermarket industry, selling a very large number of products that cover everything that their customers might need to personalize their rides to their specific needs and interests. They specialize in modern, high-performance aftermarket automotive solutions, with a focus on Ford Performance (especially Mustangs), Chevrolet, Dodge, and McLaren vehicles.

Their history of high-quality aftermarket performance and tuning solutions has given them a fantastic reputation, and left their customers satisfied enough to consistently return to the brand for future business: something testified by their excellent 30% Repeat Customer Rate.

Their vast number of products has been made possible by their 100% DropShip inventory structure, which lets them maintain the diverse array of SKUs they boast without overworking themselves, compromising their products’ quality, or having to pay the hefty costs that would come from managing a large warehouse and staffing it as needed.

Their Average Order Value (AOV) is healthy for their industry, sitting at $600, and their average customer is a man between the ages of 21 and 52. Though their domestic sales still hold a majority over their profits, their international sales have steadily grown over time to now sit at nearly 10% of their total revenue.


The current management knows their way around Google Ad strategies, and has worked diligently to maintain a steady Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). They boast a massive influence in the EcoBoost Mustang community and run several Facebook groups that provide them access to over 10,000 owners of the vehicles in question.

They have nearly 20,000 followers on Instagram and have the support of two sponsored drivers on the platform who regularly collaborate with them by posting stories that keep engagement high. Additionally, their YouTube channel, which features videos that offer Mustang-knowledge-centric information in an educational, yet still entertaining format, has earned over a million views.

Their strategies have led to about 27,000 subscribers in their email database, and an average monthly visitor rate of over 40,000.


The owner requires over 20 to 30 hours per week to manage the business’ operations, with their key responsibilities consisting of the following:

  • Marketing on social media
  • Making sure the Google ads are performing well
  • Managing weekly tasks for employees
  • Making sure the relationships between vendors are in good standing
  • Financial reviews

The company also employs 2 employees working as sales and support staff, along with a website inventory manager.

Scale Opportunities

While the brand is already speeding along the road to success, there are several opportunities available to them that will, in the right hands, let them pick up speed and land on the fast track. They have already established a presence on some of the most popular social media websites, but there is still room for them to develop their organic traffic.

TikTok, for instance, could be a valuable avenue for growth, given the site’s incredible virality potential. An account on TikTok would let them showcase their products to a massive new audience in a highly digestible format, rapidly gaining new organic customers. The company could also expand their influencer marketing by partnering with new drivers, as their consumers are more likely to put their trust in other well-known enthusiasts.

They could boost and diversify their revenue by investing in the development of wholesale business, which would complement their rising international sales. Additionally, they could also expand their product line to different models, letting them market to consumers with other types of vehicles than what the company is currently covering.


This acquisition would be excellent for a buyer with an interested in the profitable automotive aftermarket industry, as this brand has already developed a strong reputation in the market, built a strong foundation to work off, and paved the way for further growth with the right driver at the wheel.

This Company is Represented by:

Technology, Internet & eCommerce Business Brokers

WC 3285

Asking Price
$ 900,000
Cash Flow
$ 310,605
Gross Income
$ 1,298,545
Year Established

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