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eCommerce Brand | Skincare & Body Care Devices | 25% Profit Margin | Massive YOY Growth | 60,000 Monthly Visitors | $165 AOV

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Website Closers® presents a global eCommerce brand that has enjoyed beautiful growth in the Beauty Products Vertical with the help of their skincare products and body care devices, which are priced among the highest in their category, widely used by beauticians arounds the globe, and regarded as one of the most effective luxury solutions on the market … giving them excellent margins and granting the company the status as an authority in their niche.

This business is unique for 5 reasons:

  1. Sky-high margins: 88% Gross Margins & 25% Profit Margin

They overcame one of the biggest problems in eCommerce: having to reinvest all the profit into new, bigger inventory levels. Thanks to their marketing strategies, they have great margins: 88% on a $165 AOV. They can still keep a lot of money in their pockets after reinvesting in ads and inventory.

  1. Unique Highly Profitable Facebook Ad strategy leveraging VSLs (long marketing videos), that allows them to have $60 CPA on a 165$ AOV and a +10,000$ daily ad spend. They are consulting with the world best VSL copywriter right now (Peter Kell).
  2. They have over 1000 videos (UGC-style from influencers and doctors) with full commercial rights.

The buyer can scale any paid media channel easily, without the stress of running out of content for new creatives. This is a huge advantage over any other competitors because buyers can test more creatives and find more winners.

  1. They have very low fixed cost.

The brand is an agile, efficient company. With just 9 employees and low software costs, their fixed overhead is only $25-30k per month. That’s just 5% of their $600,000+ in revenue.

  1. Huge endorsement that builds trust:

They have 581+ TrustPilot reviews from real customers. They appeared on the biggest

billboard in Times Square, New York, they have worked with famous influencers and celebrities they can mention, and they have videos of doctors and estheticians using and recommending their products, so people trust the brand. One of them is the celebrity doctor Thierry Jacquemin, who appears regularly on television.

Their blackhead remover was primarily sold through Italian influencers on Instagram and YouTube until October 2022, with the current ownership working with celebrities and influencers such as former Miss Universe models, celebrities, TV personalities, and actresses to promote the brand, resulting in great customer acquisition results.

The brand made their US debut in January 2023, and sales promptly skyrocketed in response. Realizing the potential that this new storefront held, management applied the same system they used in Italy to find 600 influencers in the US. This strategy paid off, and while they enjoy sales across Canada and Australia, their revenue is now almost entirely generated through the US.

From there, the brand began seeing positive results through Facebook Ads, with this strategy now accounting for 50% of their total revenue. The rest is evenly divided between influencers and organic traffic. Their unique marketing strategy has allowed the brand to maintain a low CPA with influencers of only $10, while keeping their profit margins as high as 60%. They have seen an exceptional year-over-year (YOY) growth of 274%, and have consistently exceeded their projections.

Their complementary products include an Enzymatic Peeling Gel and a Green Clay Mask, which are produced by an Italian cosmetic lab and are designed to improve the results of the blackhead device.

The brand’s additional products include a callus remover, which was launched in December 2022. They used their proven influencer strategy to promote this product, leading to strong sales shortly out of the gate that are climbing with every month. This product is now in the back end of the brand and promoted via emails and retargeting ads. They introduced a heated eyelash curler in January 2023, which has shown equally impressive margins, and management is in the process of testing different price points. They have also recently added a few new products to the roster, such as some great selling cremes.

Their success can be traced back to several factors, with one of the most prominent being that their device provides immediate, visible results without hurting the user’s face. Their competitors’ products, meanwhile, often feature reviews noting that they cause pain, with most not even providing satisfactory results to make up for it either. The owner accomplished this by doing substantial research into the best supplier and a device design that is both safe and effective.

Additionally, the brand proudly showcases the effectiveness of their products through demonstrations in influencers’ videos and social media ads. These videos show how, after just five minutes of use, the blackheads, impurities, and whiteheads that the device has extracted from the skin are clearly visible, promising quick gratification to the customer through the brand’s product.

Their device is so effective, in fact, that it is used and trusted by aesthetic MDs, doctors, beauticians, and face surgeons for their work, even though it isn’t manufactured for professional use. The brand has compiled several testimonial videos from these professionals that could be used for marketing purposes.

The company enjoys exemplary profit margins, which, combined with their marketing strategies, has given them a steady cash flow even after they reinvested in new inventory. They boast a database of over 50,000 customers.

One of the current management’s best strengths, if not the best, has been assembling the brand’s unique influencer marketing strategy. This has let them:

  • Easily convince new influencers to work with them thanks to the videos and photos of the over 600 influencers they have already partnered with, testifying to their reliability and trustworthiness.
  • Quickly find new profitable influencers with very little effort, bolstering their profits by profits by launching new offers with the same influencers or promoting the same offers with new influencers.
  • See a passive monthly income through the best-performing influencers publishing content every four weeks. These top performers consistently generate half the monthly profit with minimal work. Many were found over a year ago now, and regularly repost the brand’s offers with great results.
  • Enjoy exceptional profit margins through a “Blue Ocean” strategy, which allows the brand to sell their beauty products through non-beauty influencers. This tactic means that the audience, who doesn’t often see these types of products, is more willing to pay a premium.
  • Have a monthly visitor rate of over 60,000 to their website, and a 4.4-star review based off over 550 Trustpilot reviews.

There are many other valuable traits and growth opportunities at this brand’s disposal, with the brand being able to scale in multiple new countries by simply copy-pasting their existing strategy. This gave them their fantastic results in the US, and they have already set their eyes on other European countries next for future growth.

Another valuable asset is their catalog of over 1,000 videos, which feature women from a wide range of demographics using their products. The buyer will have full commercial rights to use them, making it possible for them to easily scale any paid media channel without running out of content for new creatives. This offers them an incredible advantage, as more creatives can be tested to find those that produce the best results.

As their blackhead removal device is a “winning product”, all the buyer will likely need to do to scale in other regions like Germany or Spanish-speaking countries is use their streamlined influencer system, recorded in several training videos and SOP documents that will be part of this acquisition. The brand’s influencer marketing team is included in the sale and can operate on autopilot.

The skincare market has seen a significant rise in demand through recent years, with customers picking up interest in self-care and having healthy, youthful skin even as they age. As the industry grows, so will the number of potential opportunities for this brand, putting them in a great position that the buyer can capitalize upon with the right strategies. Additionally, seller financing is available for this brand, adding to the benefits that they will offer their new owner.

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WC 3305

Asking Price
$ 4,000,000
Cash Flow
$ 1,373,012
Gross Income
$ 6,152,648
Year Established

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