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eCommerce Brand that Outfits Vehicles for Off-Road Travel & Camping in the Overlanding Vertical – DTC eCommerce Retailer – 100% Dropship Model


Website Closers® presents a well-established eCommerce brand leader in the Camping and Roof Top Tents vertical. Selling roof racks, car-top tents, and camping accessories to go along with them, this brand delights newcomers and outdoor aficionados alike. The business operates as an eCommerce store offering products to outfit vehicles primarily for off-road travel and camping. The focus is the overlanding niche, with the most popular product types offered being roof racks, truck bed racks, roof top tents, rock sliders, skid plates, light bars, and other gear related to this lifestyle. Overlanding is a high growth industry that continues to increase in popularity. It is becoming mainstream, and we now see demand from both the avid overlander and the novice looking to outfit their truck or SUV with a roof top tent for a weekend getaway. The company does not stock any inventory and dropships all orders from vendors direct to consumers.

With impeccable margins, unique, niche products, and incredible year over year expansion, this eCommerce Retailer really pops! Earning more than 30% gross margins on average and cashing in on an Average Order Value of approximately $908.90 has resulted in a reliable, evergreen revenue stream for this camping outfitter. Leveraging only organic growth, social media, and word of mouth marketing to date, this online business has built an impressive base and sees an average of over 41,000 visitors to their site per month. These products are both in-demand and top quality, standing out from other sheltering options by offering “top” convenience—These tents attach to and open on top of a car’s roof, allowing for maximum portability and safety, as well as easy setup.

The Camping and Outdoor Equipment Industry is booming, with surveys indicating an increase in interest in outdoor activities amongst families and young singles alike. The number of campers taking more than three trips per year has increased by over 60% since 2014, indicating steady, long-term growth prospects in this industry. Offering a product that allows those inspired by this trend and influenced by an increasing outdoors-y social media crows to pick up and camp easily and  safely positions this brand to take advantage of this growth.

This wildly growing brand is gathering awareness for their impeccable products and stand-out service and while the company is already scaling consistently, there are a myriad of opportunities for growth through expanded selling channels, paid media use, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and social media influencer partnerships. The call of the wild is, unsurprisingly, easy to market. Humans have been venturing into the wilderness for relaxation, excitement, and perhaps a sense of something greater than ourselves since the dawn of time, and it takes little effort to cause new ways to explore spread like wildfire. Social media sites with heavy visual mediums such as Instagram and TikTok are extremely popular with outdoors enthusiasts, and this brand’s striking aesthetics and rugged lifestyle products could see a heavy influx of followers through more aggressive Social Media Marketing. Incorporating an influencer program would drive sales as well, mainly targeting outdoors or survivalist YouTube channels with specific discounts in exchange for promotions. A blog featuring camping tips and techniques, highlighting top camping destinations, or even promoting the road tripping lifestyle could all attract a following and easily double this brand’s already impressive monthly visitor count.

SKU expansion into further camping supplies such as hiking gear, stoves, and more could also draw in additional visitors and raise brand recognition. Utilizing proprietary branding for certain products would allow for further brand loyalty as well, even if only on smaller, high-margin products such as wheel-covers, stickers, camping bedding and more.

This is a full-time business, staffed with an expedition team of experts to get a new owner started on their journey. Current ownership manages a small team  in addition to overseeing directional tasks and overall business growth plans. The three employees include 1 doing order processing, 1 doing customer service and 1 doing product management, website & technology.

This company is optimized for profitability, showing 20% Net Margins, a minimal staff, and leverages a strong set of optimized software to keep operations buzzing at minimal overhead cost. The focus on direct-to-consumer sales has enabled the company to forge a strong and lasting brand relationship with its customers while maintaining high margins and a constant stream of innovation.

And for a buyer with Amazon experience looking to use their skills to grow an off-Amazon brand, this is a unique opportunity to do just that. This impressive and strategic off-road travel and overlanding equipment company drives incredible revenue while carrying boundless potential, and as a cutting-edge,  brand, this acquisition is well positioned to grow rapidly with the steady hand of a new owner to take it to the next level.

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