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eCommerce Brand that Sells In-House Designed, Proprietary Auto Organizing Accessories for Consoles & Glove Boxes – 32% Net Margins – Massive YOY Growth


Website Closers® presents a successful eCommerce Brand that has earned rave reviews from loving customers in the thriving Auto Parts and Accessories Vertical. This market is valued at $510 billion in the U.S. alone, allowing this company tremendous opportunities to scale through the further capture of market share. This company has become a brand leader in the niche field of Center Console and Glove Box Organizers, adjustable for a multitude of different make and model vehicles.

With sales largely completed on Amazon, the brand enjoys sky-high feedback from customers who have given them a 4.8 Seller Rating, and the company now has 76 active SKUs available. Revenue has soared on an average order value of $19.

Their products are private label branded, created from proprietary molds, or CNC machined.  The brand is trademarked and select products are patent protected, with a second patent pending.  Each product is an exact fit with the make and model of the vehicle. Products are available for the top auto manufacturers such as Toyota, Chevy, GMC, Ford, Honda, RAM, and Jeep.

Established nearly a decade ago, this brand has enjoyed stunning 38% year over year growth and 30%+ net profit margins. The company has accomplished these exceptional numbers by crafting a marketing campaign that mixes paid ads on Amazon with organic SEO efforts, social media engagement, and participation in online automotive forums for select vehicles.

Enhancing those marketing campaigns could be a surefire method for scale, alongside increasing the PCC ad spend, growing the company’s affiliate program, and implementing an influencer campaign. The company also has massive growth potential in expanding the product line to include additional popular vehicle makes and models for their SKUs and using Amazon’s platforms in Europe to carry sales internationally.

Launched in 2012, this company now leads its niche field. A key aspect of their success has been to make these products available for a variety of different vehicles, with each accessory designed to fit a specific make and model year vehicles. Starting with Toyotas, the product line was expanded to include Ram and Ford trucks, GMC, Honda, Nissan, Cadillac, and more.   More than 80% of their product line is for the center console of specific vehicles. Glove box organizers were added following multiple customer requests for them.

Their products are designed and manufactured in Denver, Colorado, with all brand products manufactured to the company’s exclusive designs and specifications. There are no other sellers marketing these products. The company owns 48 molds that produce multiple proprietary SKUs.

While the company initially operated only through its own website, it has since expanded onto US Amazon, which now represents 89% of all sales, followed by Amazon Canada at 7% and eBay with 2%. The company’s suppliers stock inventory on all SKUs and Fulfillment by Amazon is used to ship products, with up to 90 days of inventory stocked with FBA at all times.

There are multiple ways to scale this already immensely successful business, including by new sales tactics that would emphasize an increased push for advertising on Facebook and Instagram, along with the optimization of their Amazon PPC program. Additionally, this brand could work to boost direct sales through their website, and expand sales internationally using Amazon’s platforms in Europe, Mexico, and other nations. Another option would be to focus on growing the Amazon affiliates program. Additionally, adding new SKUs to include additional popular make and model vehicles in multiple colors is an obvious next step. Expanding into aftermarket automotive distribution channels such as, TransAmerican Autoparts, and Keystone Automotive, while also listing on other online marketplaces such as Walmart are also incredibly promising paths.

The current owner spends 30-35 hours per week running this business. Their responsibilities include monitoring Amazon Seller Central and inventory levels, handling shipments to Fulfillment by Amazon, bookkeeping, supply management, new product research, and design development. These demands could be dramatically minimized with the addition of contractors or staff members.

The owner currently contracts with a service called AMZProfessional, which monitors Seller Central for inventory reconciliation, account health, and negative seller feedback removal. The owner does not have any employees.

This is an enormously successful turnkey business that offers a buyer the opportunity to maintain an unrivaled brand as it operates now, with rising gross revenues and an expanding customer base, or exploring growth opportunities through an expansion of the SKUs, new advanced digital marketing techniques, or expanding sales outside the U.S.

The company’s products, designed to maximize convenience within their vehicle, are proven winners that have delivered a strong and repeat customer base to this brand, along with excellent reviews and ratings. This niche brand is part of the tremendously successful global auto parts and accessories market, which is projected to become a trillion-dollar industry by 2027.

This is a terrific opportunity to own a business that has a growing number of highly popular and successful SKUs that are providing comfort and convenience in their customer’s cherished vehicle.

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