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eCommerce Brand – Unique Products for Female Consumers – High Quality Solutions for Breast Tape, Sticky Inserts, Enhancements & More – Strong YOY Growth – Professional Team in Place – 51,000 Instagram Followers


Website Closers® presents a distinctive eCommerce Company that provides high-quality solutions catering to women’s unique needs. The founder realized that finding the right products can be a struggle, which is why the brand was created and dedicated to providing outstanding customer service and support to its female clients.

The company almost exclusively utilizes a stock inventory model, storing all mainline products at 3PL facilities in the US and China. The existing owner has found that this arrangement generates ample cash flow and delivers a fantastic customer experience. However, a buyer so inclined could readily move to a DropShipping model.

Around 25,000 units are maintained in the US and 5,000 in China at any given time. Orders of approximately 5,000 units are placed every few months as necessary. The payment terms are standard, with a 30% deposit upon order and the balance before shipping.

Top-selling products include breast tape, sticky inserts to enhance cup size, and easy-lift bras. The brand has developed a cult-like following because of its 8-hour guaranteed hold or 100% money-back guarantee, fast worldwide shipping, and cruelty-free, vegan, and hypoallergenic products.

Between 20 and 100 products are shipped daily. The typical customer is a woman between 25 and 35, based in the US, who orders on her first visit to the website.

Sales peak between March and August for two simple reasons. Firstly, 95% of sales are made in the US, and they decrease relative to the temperature drop. Secondly, Q4 is typically the gift-giving season, and boob solutions are not commonly given as gifts.

Management has, however, identified a solution to negate seasonality and boost sales. The sticky inserts are perfect for more petite women. Similar products do very well in Southeast Asia and South America, with large emerging beauty markets closely following US trends. Subsequently, there is tremendous potential to expand into those regions, balancing peaks and troughs.

The company is preparing for a big launch on Amazon within the next quarter, which will be included in the sale. With suitable expertise, the platform can potentially bring in a substantial additional revenue stream, considering that a large cohort of prospective customers sees the prolific TikTok account and then searches for the products on Amazon. Social media leverage will give the brand an edge in the PPC auction from inception.

Digital marketing currently comprises social media. The owner has developed a proprietary TikTok influencer marketing strategy that, over the last two years, works on several levels. This strategy is maturing and will undoubtedly continue to grow.

Broadly it involves reaching out to TikTok creators to post four TikTok videos for a trial collaboration. Suppose the collaborator is easy to work with, resonates with the audience, and is reasonably priced. In that case, the brand will contract them to produce between 15 and 30 posts monthly.

The result is a substantial volume of content that leads to organic sales and enables the business to test angles expeditiously.

The owner works around 20 hours weekly on the business. Primary focus areas include managing influencers, digital marketing, and creative direction.

Two full-time employees work as a customer service manager and an influencers manager. Four freelancers work in copywriting, graphic design, video editing, and web development.

The business has enviable financials, customer reviews, and product demand, yet management is hyper-focused on exploring its full potential. One such method includes the recent partnership with a US-based retail company that introduces the brand to thousands of boutiques nationwide. The aim is to sell products in 25 boutiques in short order, after which the brand will pursue large retail distributors such as Target and Bloomingdales. The products are already stocked at a multinational lifestyle retail corporation.

A recently contracted, highly talented partner to assist in listing all mainline products on Amazon is further evidence of the relentless pursuit of growth. The company predicts an additional $15,000 in sales monthly soon after launch and substantially more as the Amazon flywheel kicks in.

Furthermore, two additional colors are lined up and will be launched in the next few months. This business and niche are constantly evolving, and there are continuously innovative and proven products with which to scale. Amazon and TikTok are both ideal testing grounds for the brand.

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$ 676,266
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