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eCommerce Brand | Wearable Optimization Tech | Patent Pending | Proprietary Technology & Mobile App | $151 AOV

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Website Closers® presents an eCommerce Brand that develops and sells innovative, science-based wearable fitness and recovery technology. It has a provisional patent filed and a non-provisional utility patent awaiting a response from the USPTO. The device and its accompanying app are proprietary, positioning the company advantageously in the market with protected technology.

Since its inception, it has demonstrated significant year-over-year growth in the health and fitness sector, capitalizing on the increasing demand for wearable technology and recovery devices.

Business Broker Takeaway

Our analyst teams have identified strong value propositions for a potential buyer looking to enter the vertical. We are excited about this business for three important reasons:

  • With an average order value of $151, the company shows a healthy profit margin, and introducing a SaaS model for the proprietary app could significantly increase recurring revenue.
  • The device is exclusively manufactured for the brand, ensuring low competition for the same product design and quality. This exclusivity with the manufacturer enhances the brand’s competitive edge.
  • The business has built a robust online presence with a Shopify-based eCommerce platform, proprietary app, and active engagement on major social media platforms, contributing to brand recognition and customer loyalty.

Additionally, management has built the foundation for a strong marketing strategy, including partnerships with influencers and a digital marketing agency poised to scale operations upon reaching sales milestones.

With foundational elements in place, including product development, manufacturing relationships, and an initial customer base, the business is primed for scaling under new ownership with suitable investment in marketing and expansion strategies.

Product Offering, Marketing, & Customer Base

The product is made in Asia by a supplier with whom the owners have built an excellent relationship. There is a large amount of capacity left in this supplier, so there will be no need to seek out additional supplier relationships in the near term.

The flagship product is available in a bundle package, which costs $159.99 and includes two devices, a charging cord and brick, a carrying case, adhesives, alcohol wipes, and a product manual. Recurring revenue is derived from adhesive refill packs, which are popular among customers.

The marketing strategy primarily comprises organic efforts on all major social media channels, including YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and LinkedIn, as well as paid digital advertising on Meta and Google.

The largest customer demographic comprises men between 35 and 44 who consistently participate in weight or strength training and are interested in maintaining their fitness and figure. The company has also witnessed lower customer acquisition costs among 18 to 34- year-old males with the same interests.

Scale Opportunities

As mentioned, there is a significant opportunity to transition this business into a SaaS model, where customers pay a monthly subscription fee to access premium features on the app for their devices. For instance, a rival company offers its product at a base price, with basic app functionality available for free. However, customers must subscribe to a monthly plan to unlock advanced features and analytics. With the diverse array of warm-up, workout, and recovery settings now integrated into this brand’s app, there is ample potential to monetize a substantial portion of these features behind a paywall.

Moreover, there are unexplored avenues within the physical therapy and rehabilitation sectors. The founders have recently initiated collaborations with physical therapy practices and athletic trainers, who were highly impressed by the device’s ability to activate target muscles accurately during rehabilitation exercises. This emphasis on the mind-body connection is crucial in post-surgical rehab programs and sets the product apart from Electrical Muscle Stimulation devices, which lack this focus. The product particularly excels in targeting dormant and stubborn muscles resulting from injury or neuromuscular issues.

Additionally, new settings tailored for warm-up routines have been introduced, designed to stimulate muscles during rest or stretching to prime them for vigorous activity afterward. This feature is invaluable for injury prevention, making it particularly appealing to physical therapists and athletes. Other settings have demonstrated efficacy in reducing pain and muscle soreness, positioning the product as a portable and less intense alternative to massage guns, which can be overwhelming for some individuals.

Furthermore, the device holds significant potential for clinical applications, particularly for individuals suffering from paralysis due to conditions like Parkinson’s disease. Extensive research indicates that vibration therapy can alleviate spasticity, which is responsible for muscle immobilization.

Potential governmental and aerospace applications for the product as a haptic feedback device exist. Previous collaborations with researchers from a prestigious US university revealed its potential to provide attentional cues to elicit muscle responses in high-stress situations. Moreover, substantial research suggests that vibration stimulation could help mitigate rapid muscle loss in space by inducing muscle activation without traditional exercise.

Given the value propositions of this company, the broad range of scale opportunities, and its solid foundation, it is primed for vast growth under a capable buyer.

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Asking Price
$ 1,500,000
Cash Flow
$ 1,452,676
Gross Income
$ 2,508,530
Year Established

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