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eCommerce Business | 2 Amazon FBA Brands | FDA Approved Medical Device & Sports Equipment Verticals

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Website Closers® presents an opportunity for an ambitious investor to acquire two businesses for the price of one. The company operates 2 brands on Amazon that are growing rapidly with the profitable fields of FDA-Approved Medical Devices and Sports/Athletics Equipment, two verticals now growing by leaps and bounds. One of the brands markets a portable device to alleviate neck pain, while the second sells playbook wristbands to help athletes remember their plays out on the field.

A buyer would be in an enviable position here. Both businesses are profitable, growing at a solid pace, and functioning well on their respective Amazon accounts, ranking well within Amazon’s search algorithm. Both companies also provide strong scale opportunities, although the businesses are different enough that it’s crucial to review them individually.

Neck Pain Device

An original product and one that is fully patented, this device allows buyers to experience relief from neck and back pain at home, out on the road, or anywhere they travel. It has a compact design that makes it easy to transport. The pain is relieved in just 10 minutes daily.

The product has been approved and endorsed by the Food and Drug Administration and has served thousands of satisfied customers who are giving it highly enthusiastic feedback and glowing reviews. It remains an affordable solution to a problem that impacts millions of people across the globe. The current owner acquired this business in 2021 from the product’s original inventor, and it markets for $49.99. This device is the only one of its kind, and there is very limited competition from other companies marketing inferior cervical traction devices.

The product is sold in the U.S., and they are getting a fast-growing number of B2B buyers on Amazon. Today, 15% of their orders are wholesale, sold to numerous health product distributors and retail customers.

Playbook Wristband

Athletes of all ages, from professionals to kids playing youth sports at school, have an opportunity to increase their chances of winning with this wristband that has three play sheet compartments to hold their game moves. It applies to all sports.

This 7-year-old brand has become popular not only with seasoned athletes but also parents who purchase it for their sports-loving kids and teens. Celebrities have used and endorsed the product, giving the site tremendous exposure. This Amazon site markets in the U.S. and Canada and has grown to 27 SKUs.

While sales stay healthy throughout the year, the company enjoys a major surge in February and March during Super Bowl time, and again from August to October when summer training camps for kids are being held.

While both brands have different strengths, together they provide an investor a unique opportunity to secure a strong foothold in the medical devices and sports equipment verticals, both of which are evergreen and highly profitable.

Business Broker Takeaway

Our analysis of this business revealed several key value propositions for a buyer looking for online companies bringing in a profit, growing at a steady pace in strong verticals, and with the ability to scale quickly. We anticipate buyers will recognize that value for 3 important reasons:

1. Highly Motivated Customers. Both brands attract diverse customers. The neck device brings in buyers from age 30 and up, including many mature consumers coping with neck pain as they age. However, the company also attracts younger buyers working from home and finding more neck and back problems from being stationary in front of a computer. The customers have given the product plenty of 5-star reviews and testified to its effectiveness. The wristbands, on the other hand, are frequently purchased for kids and teens between the ages of 10 and 20, with plenty of sales to youth sports groups.

2. Automated Business. The current owner works just 5 hours per week on each business, with most of the heavy lifting being done by Amazon. That includes shipments through Fulfillment By Amazon, use of Amazon’s internal marketing, and customer service. Most additional tasks are handled by freelance workers, including managing PPC campaigns on Amazon, wholesale invoicing, and applying SEO keywords to their listings.

3. Growth Opportunities. Either brand could easily launch a global expansion through Amazon’s foreign platforms, and both products are likely to connect with buyers outside of the U.S. and Canada. The new owner could also open Shopify websites for both brands, use PPC ads on Google to drive traffic to them, and employ an influencer and affiliate marketing campaign to drive sales higher. Both products could also be marketed more frequently to retailers specializing in health care devices or athletics equipment.


The owner now makes large orders several times a year for the neck device, a small product that doesn’t create major inventory demands. Orders are placed with a manufacturer that has received FDA approval since it produces a medical device.

Smaller orders are made for the wristbands, usually several times a year, from their supplier. Both brands provide a buyer with an enviably strong foundation and a minimal workload. The wristband company has been experiencing tremendous growth year over year since it launched new SKUs on Amazon. The neck pain device is getting a fast-growing number of B2B buyers on Amazon. Today, 15% of their orders are wholesale.

The company has managed its marketing efficiently with a PPC ad campaign on Amazon, along with the use of keywords popular in both verticals in all product descriptions.

That leaves plenty of room for scaling both businesses through additional digital marketing. The company has not yet explored social media and email marketing, for example, and the new owner has ample opportunity to introduce both brands to a much wider audience through these proven digital tools.

Since both businesses provide a buyer with easy and automated operations, this one enables a buyer to quickly assume control and then focus on scaling each one. The current owner is available to assist in the transition to ensure it’s a smooth and profitable one.

Since both brands operate in highly profitable verticals and are poised for rapid growth, this is a surefire bargain for an investor looking for two highprofit businesses that practically run themselves.

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Asking Price
$ 3,000,000
Cash Flow
$ 678,879
Gross Income
$ 1,750,464
Year Established

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